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Year 6 Leavers Prom

At my children’s primary school, leaving year 6 is quite a big deal. With the choice of 3 different secondary schools (although only one is the main catchment school) it means the children have to split up.

Ruby, my 11-year-old, has a lovely class. She has been with most of them since playschool and she has made some wonderful friends. As the majority of them are going to a different school to Ruby, it was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate together.

The prom is a wonderful idea and just like the year 11 prom, the children all make a big deal out of it and get dressed up. I learnt the hard way with Becky’s prom as I was let down on the day and had to do her hair myself. So this time I made sure Ruby had her hair done in advance.

One advantage of having so many girls is hand-me-downs. This meant that Ruby wore the same dress that Becky wore for her year 6 prom two years previously. Because she wasn’t getting a new dress, I let her have low-lights in her hair instead.

She loved being pampered at the hairdressers

year 6 leavers prom having her hair coloured

But most importantly, she loved her new hair afterwards and couldn’t stop looking at it!

year 6 prom her finished hair

Last night the prom finally arrived. The evening Ruby had been excitedly waiting for.

She rushed home from school and into the shower, taking care not to wet her hair. She was already in her dress when another friend arrived to do her hair!

Nanny and granddad arrived to see how beautiful she looked and nanny had a tear in her eyes as they posed for pictures.

year 6 prom with her grandparents

year 6 prom all ready to go in a pretty yellow dress

year 6 prom daddy and daughter

No prom would be complete without a ride to the prom in style. Whilst most children settle for a limo, Ruby and the rest of her class went one better! They travelled on the land train, all the way along the prom shouting and cheering!

year 6 prom the land train

Time for photos at the arch outside the school complete with red carpet.

year 6 prom wearing a yellow dress under a flower arch on the red carpet

One boy even arrived in a Ferrari, but Ruby confessed that she was glad she had the land train with her friends instead! Then it was time to party at the disco.

Ruby had an amazing time. She loved being pampered and making such a big fuss to celebrate the end of her primary school education.

Sadly, at bedtime, when the excitement had worn off. Ruby suddenly realised that she only had 9 days left in primary school (7 if you don’t count the weekend). That in 9 days she would no longer be able to see her friends every day.

She broke her little heart, sobbing into my arms. Ruby has always been a sensitive child who wears her heart on her sleeve.

She didn’t want to grow up

She didn’t want to leave primary school

She didn’t want the summer holidays to start

She didn’t want to leave her friends, especially her best-friend.

She wanted to go back in time and be 4 again and just starting out in primary school with all her friends and classmates.

I cuddled her and comforted her. I reminded her that just because she wouldn’t be at the same school as her friends didn’t mean they couldn’t be friends. That whilst she wouldn’t see them every day, she would still see them.

But Ruby, can I let you into a secret…

I don’t want you to grow up either. I want you to stay my little girl, even though I am very very proud of the beautiful, kind, amazing and smart young lady you are becoming.

ruby on her first day of school
Ruby on her very first day at school aged 3
Ruby on her last photo day aged 11
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