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Why a Wedding Photographer is Important

image showing wedding photographer taking puicture of bride and groom joined hands. text says "why a wedding photographer is important on your big day"

When you’re trying to host a wedding on a budget, you might think that a wedding photographer is a needless expense. But take it from me, don’t ski the wedding photographer. This is why

On the 29th of March this year, my parents will celebrate their Golden wedding anniversary. They will have been married for FIFTY YEARS! My grandparents managed 47 years and would have been celebrating their 77th this year if they were both still with us.

professional black and white photograph of the bride and grrom and wedding party taken in 1942
My grandparents on their wedding day. 10th October 1942

Even though my grandparents are long gone, I still have their wedding photos. This was brought home to me when I was scanning my parents wedding album this weekend to create a present for them.

professional black and white wedding photograph of the bride and groom signing the register book in 1969
My parents signing the registry book on their wedding day. 29th March 1969

Looking at my grandparents and parents wedding albums is bittersweet. Bittersweet because in order to lower the cost of my own wedding, I decided I didn’t need a photographer.

It is the biggest regret of my wedding. In October we would have been married 15 years, amazing when people only gave us a month back when we first started dating!

bride and groom signing the register in 2004 by an amateur photographer
Hubby and I signing the registry book on our wedding. 2nd October 2004

We do have some photos that my sister-in-law took and shared with us. But there are so many pictures I wish we did have. I wish I had a photo of me with both my parents, rather than seperate ones. Most importantly I have no pictures of a special guest, Ryan who was 16 months old at the time. I would love to have a picture of us with Ryan.

I tried to organise some photos. We have some of all our guests with us on the steps outside the registry office. A lovely pictures of hubby with his brother and nephew. Pictures that I treasure of a wonderful day that are stored on my computer. I have no album so perhaps I should get around to creating one myself.

Oh well, I suppose it gives us an excuse to renew our wedding vows one day!

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