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Faulty Washing Machine and the Laundry Pile

This year has already been a crazy one for our appliances and not just any appliances, but one we rely on and never actually stops working (except at night).

Any guesses as to what I’m on about?

My washing machine and tumble dryer!

faulty washing machine and dryerWith a family of 7 and 5 children in school complete with school uniforms, it seems like our washing pile is never ending and our washing machine certainly gets used. Add to that the fact we have no garden and not many places to hang clothes, they all need a dryer to go into. In fact I’ve often thought about getting an ex-laundrette machine until my dad pointed out that living on the fourth floor meant it wasn’t an ideal solution and if we did get one, he wasn’t helping us carry it up the 56 steps to our flat (yes I’ve counted, many a time!).

We have repair cover but because we don’t live in the city we have to wait for the independent engineer to come out. They’re lovely, but because they’re so busy and cover such a large area, it can mean we’re without a machine for several weeks.

In January our washing machine broke and a couple of days after we reported the fault the engineer visited and took away the faulty pump to order a new one. It was almost two weeks until the machine was repaired, with daily trips to the laundrette. Two days later the washing machine broke again but this time the engineer was a lot quicker and able to repair it on the first visit.

Then a week ago, the tumble dryer broke! Now we are having to go to the laundrette to dry the clothes and have clothes hanging anywhere we can find. We’re still waiting for the engineer to call to arrange an appointment.

Of course, even if I were to buy new machines, I would have to wait for delivery and there’s no way I could have afforded a new washing machine and dryer just after Christmas and with hubby out of work (thankfully he’s found a new job now)

Hopefully, our dryer will soon be fixed because my pile of washing seems to be breeding and if it carries on it’ll be taller than Mount Everest!

Later that evening we actually got a call from the engineer. Hubby took the call and all I heard was “It’s not a hoover… it’s a washing machine!” I almost died laughing as the dryer is a Candy Hoover!

Sadly, the engineer can’t make it till Monday to even look at the dryer and why it isn’t working. Which means our washing pile is getting higher and higher and we’ll have to spend all weekend in the laundrette otherwise we’ll be buried alive under clothes!

Of course, since the engineer is only coming to look at the dryer, who knows when it will actually be fixed and how much bigger this pile is going to get as I’m sure it keeps breeding every time I take my eyes off it!

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