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Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Empty Nest Mummy for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award and asking me to share 7 things about me. Since I have already done two posts already, one about My Guilty Pleasures and another with Five Facts About Me, I have decided to challenge myself to write 7 completely new facts.

versatile blogger award

Seven Facts About Me

  1. I once wanted 7 children. Admittedly I was only a child and didn’t understand the challenges that would bring. Looking after a family of six siblings soon changed my mind.
  2. I have been pregnant six times, my second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 13 weeks and I had to be airlifted to hospital as I haemorrhaged.
  3. I have appeared on TV in a program called Helimed (and the Welsh version Ambiwlans Awyr on S4C). It was all about my being airlifted to hospital when I suffered a miscarriage. In the program, I revealed I was pregnant with my 5th and when the English program was shown on TV I was actually in labour giving birth to my youngest and missed it. You can see it on our YouTube Channel
  4. A few years ago Tesco held a Uniform Competition and our school was the winners and we won a free embroidered school uniform for every single child at the school. I then appeared in two YouTube video’s that were made to celebrate the two schools that won (us, the winners and the school which came second and lost by 31 votes, that’s how close it was) and about the Tesco embroidered school uniform. Sadly they are no longer on YouTube.
  5. I spent 7 years working for our local Tesco supermarket and I really enjoyed it. Sadly childcare and five children meant I couldn’t go back after having my youngest. I do have some very interesting stories and a whole new respect for those who work in the retail industry. I think everyone should try working with the public at least once in their lives. I also think that the law should change around asking for ID when people buy age-restricted items such as alcohol. Everyone should be asked for ID regardless of their age. It would certainly make the cashier’s job a lot easier as we have to decide whether someone looks over 25 or not.
  6. My favourite holidays have to be the ones on the canals around Britain. There are still several canals I haven’t been on that would love to go. All the family love going on holiday on a canal boat. Our last holiday we did the Cheshire Ring, which had its good points and its bad points. The highlight was the Anderton Boat Lift and shopping at the Trafford Centre. Hubby even got to visit Old Trafford as we passed. The worst was travelling through the centre of Manchester and I wouldn’t do it again. At one point I refused to let the children out of the boat as everywhere we looked we saw drug paraphernalia, dirty clothes and underpants, human excrement and condoms. At one point we had to unlock the lock gates because someone had thrown a sofa in. I had done that journey twenty years earlier and had enjoyed it, but after our holiday two years ago, I would never do it again. Our favourite journey is the Llangollen Canal with the Chirk Aqueduct and tunnel and of course the famous Pontcysciliate Aquaduct. We have done that journey twice in the past 10 years and I would do it again!
  7. Hubby and I have been together for 17 years this year and in October we will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. We still have a long way to go to catch up with my parents as next March (2019) they will celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. This is a milestone that even my grandparents didn’t reach as my nan died after their 47th Wedding Anniversary and my granddad 16 months later.

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