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Thanks Calpol for my trashed lounge

When I went to get Reese from school yesterday her teacher told me she hadn’t been her normal cheery self all day and she wondered if she was coming down with something. An hour later this proved to be the case as she had a temperature of 39.2 so I popped to our local chemist for some Calpol and Nurofen.

This morning I ended up with three home from school. Ryan refused to go because of his anxiety (see  Raising an Anxious Teenager) and Becky couldn’t stop coughing and didn’t look very well. With Becky, you can tell she’s genuinely ill when she agrees to stay home from school as she loves going and prides herself on her high attendance. Reese woke up at 6 am and was still hot and by 7 am she had fallen back asleep and she slept till 11 am.

When Reese woke up I gave her some Calpol and some Nurofen. I remembered from when Ryan was a baby and in the hospital that they could be given together but Calpol was to be given 4 hours apart and Nurofen 6hrs apart (you can also use the chemist’s own brand paracetamol and ibuprofen to save money). Even though she’s 4, she’s very small for her age so erring on the side of caution I gave her the dose for 2-4-year-olds instead of the 4-6-year-olds. In America, I remember hearing from friends that the dose is by weight, which I think makes a lot more sense than by age as children aged 4 can be as small as a 2-year-old or as big as a 6-year-old yet they can have the same dose which doesn’t really make sense.

Within 10 minutes of having her medicine, she was feeling a lot better. Gone was the quiet, sleepy, lethargic 4yr old and in her place was a tornado who was dancing to Paw Patrol and pulling out all her toys!

Now you can tell the medicine is starting to wear off as she’s sat quietly watching The Little Princess, snuggled under her blanket and beside me. My little shadow!

playmobil all over my room thanks to my toddler

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