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Top Tips for a Stress free Morning School Routine

With five children, all of whom are in school, people often ask how I manage to get them all dressed and to school on time.

Easy, I just follow this one tip.


Basically, that’s all I do.

clothes on fireguard waiting for them
School Uniform ready the night before

The Night Before School

  • Sort out their uniforms and leave them in the lounge for the primary school ages. The ones in Secondary school have their uniforms left in their bedroom.
  • If they’re having a packed lunch for school, I make it the night before and leave it in the fridge.
  • The table is set ready for breakfast, a choice of cereal, bowls and spoons laid out neatly.
  • I check their bags and calendar the night before. If they have swimming or p.e the next day they’re sent to get what they need.
  • Homework books are quickly scanned. Have they done everything, if not they do it there and then, if they have it’s signed off.
  • Any forms or money are signed and placed in their homework bags.
  • Depending on the day (we have a routine and they take it in turns, apart from Sunday when everyone has their hair washed) they have a shower/bath and their hair washed
  • On a Sunday hair is checked for nits and if needed I treat with White Vinegar as I found it work amazingly for getting rid of head lice and nits pain-free.

The Morning Before School

  • They’re woken up at the same time every morning.
  • Downstairs they sit at the table and I pour the milk into their cereal and the juice into their glasses (the older ones can do it themselves)
  • Whilst they’re eating I finish their packed lunch and put it all into their bags with their drinks.
  • Teeth are brushed in the kitchen so I can supervise (older ones are trusted to do it in the bathroom)
  • Into the lounge to get dressed. The rule is no tablets or TV.
  • Older ones leave for their bus whilst the younger ones are still getting dressed. Always with a hug and a kiss goodbye and a reminder, I love them and to have a good day.
  • Once they’re dressed I do their hair whilst the ones waiting put their nightclothes to the wash. Once their hair is done they put their shoes and coats on.
  • Homework bags are picked up. Fruit is chosen and out the door in time for school.
school bags and apples ready for school
School bags ready to be taken to school

It’s amazing how just a little organisation can help. Sadly though, it can’t help me with an 8-year-old who likes to dawdle and takes her time. My 11-year-old used to be like that but thankfully outgrew it. Now she’s the first out of the primary school children ready. Before I know it, she’ll be off to secondary with the other two!

Do you have any more tips on a calmer more stressfree morning?

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