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Three Mobile Network, Three Live, Three App & Three Store Now

Three Mobile Network

For many years now I’ve been a Three mobile phone customer. I wanted a provider who had great coverage, great prices and great customer service and with Three mobile, you get all three!

We live in quite a rural area and we have a strong 4g signal, we do lose it whilst driving, but we soon pick it up again. The black spots where we don’t have a signal, are black spots to all providers, not just Three mobile.

I love Three mobile so much that my whole family uses this network and I recommend it to my friends.

Contacting Three

Three have several ways for you to contact them without having to go into the store or calling their customer service line. These include the Three App, Three Live and Three Store Now. These are really helpful, especially if you don’t like calling or don’t live near a store when you have a question or want to know more about a new phone.

Three Live

Three Live is available on their website where you can find 30-minute sessions with their experts sharing demos of the latest phones and tablets. They feature all the features and functions and you can ask for stuff you’d really like to see or know. All you need to do is click the Three Live link on the store page. If you have a question for customer services, you can live chat via their “Live chat with us now” option or email via the “Get customer service support

Three Store Now

Three Store Now is ideal if you want a new phone but can’t make it to their store. If you’re buying online and want some advice, simply press “Live chat with us now” on any product page and select “Find the right deal for me”. This will put you in touch with a real sales assistant in a store who will be able to take you through your questions.

Three App

Three App is available on iOS and Android and offers you complete control of your account. Allowing you to check your balance and allowance, view your bills, find support, look for upgrades, talk to us via Live Chat and many many more. Another thing I like about Three is their app. It’s really easy to use and to see the information at a glance.

screenshot of the three mobile app dashboard giving you information on your allowance, how much youve used and how much you have left
the three mobile app dashboard saying your allowance and how much allowance you have left and when your allowance reset. As well as an option to get more allowance and to keep track of your next bill

As you can see, the dashboard gives you a quick breakdown of how much allowance you have left and clicking on the tabs, gives you the ability to check your bill date and amount.

The last tab, entitled More… gives you even more choice, including the ability to Live Chat with a Three representative.

A screenshot of the More tab on the Three mobile app. You can then choose which option you want 
my profile - edit personal details, top up a friend, activate new sim, switch to three, move to three pay as you go, leave three, user permissions
Shop - shop for accessories, exclusive customer offers, order your free pay as you go sim
Support - Live chat, network coverage, report a network issue, set up wifi calling, setup wifi on London underground, using your phone abroad, adult content, app diagnostics
Charges - check a call cost, about calls and call charges, calling and texting abroad from the UK
About - about the app, visit the three web site, hub for news, tech and fun, find your nearest store, discovery sessions, play the game, contact us

There’s even a game you can play under More…

three mobile game where you have to get rid of all the coloured balls
The object of the game is to remove all the balls by matching 2 or more of the same colour

Using Three Live Chat & Customer Services

One of my favourite things is how easy it is to contact Three. I often use the Live Chat option on my Three App. I hate talking on the phone, if I can email, text or live chat then I will! So whenever I have a problem with Three I always use Live Chat.

an image of a live chat session using the three app

Take a problem I had recently where my daughter had decided to buy data add-ons during the summer. I would turn the internet off at night to encourage them to sleep, but she wanted to stay up all night chatting to her friends. For her, buying an add-on was easy. She has an iPhone so uses iOS but even on iOS she could easily access the Three App and buy add-ons. So without my knowledge, she spent nearly £50 on data add-ons. As you can imagine, when her bill came this was a HUGE shock!

At first, we weren’t sure whose bill was £50 as all our mobiles are on Three and the direct debits are due the same day. So I spent the morning marching around and demanding to check their Three Live app. Finally, I found the correct phone. Becky, my 14-year-old daughter!

I then contacted Three to discuss her bill and to see how we could resolve this. Especially as I was under the impression that having her contract capped meant she couldn’t run up such a big bill but sadly it doesn’t cap add-ons. Normally, this would mean a phone call but being someone who suffers from social anxiety and a bit of a wallflower, having the opportunity to use Live Chat was a needed lifeline.

As usual, the Three representative was really helpful and knowledgeable. They apologised for the misunderstanding about the add-ons not being covered by the price cap, but as a gesture of goodwill were willing to credit the account £20 as they could see how annoying and frustrating this could be.

Suggested Improvements

Of course, Three if you’re reading this. There are a few things you could do to help prevent this from happening. Like a PIN – such as the last 4 digits of the bank account from where the direct debit is paid or card, could prevent children from buying add-ons without their parents’ consent!

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