Raising an Anxious Teenager


raising an anxious teenager

Raising an anxious teenager is hard. I should know as one of my children, who has asked not to be identified whenever I discuss their mental health but to be known as Anon, suffers from anxiety and depression and has had suicidal thoughts and in turn tried to kill themselves.

Scarily, 1 in 5 children suffers from mental health issues during their childhood! Social media plays a huge part as children cannot get away from bullies as easily, home no longer is a haven and people post small glimpses of their perfect lives, hiding all the negativity and problems, which leads children to believe that they are alone.

I started this blog as a place to share my thoughts and all the challenges that raising an anxious teenager can bring and to help raise awareness of mental health issues in children and teenagers. Too many people don’t realise that children are just as vulnerable to mental health problems as adults.

It can be scary, not knowing where to turn and how best to help your child, so Anon and I hope that by sharing our story, our experiences and our challenges, we can help others in the same situation.

I have created this page so that any articles that I write about mental health and raising a teenager with anxiety.

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