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Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet from Prestige Flowers Review

We were sent the flower bouquet for free to review and write down our thoughts on the product. The fact that we received the product for free, does not affect our opinion of the product. We will always be honest in all our reviews. For more information, check out our Disclosure Policy.

Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet from Prestige Flowers Review

This year, 2018, Mother’s Day is on the 11th March in the UK. A day to thank our Mother’s for the gift of our lives, I mean where would we be without our mothers! My mum always says I was the best gift she ever received for Mother’s Day as I was born on Mother’s Day. My mum and I are really close, I call her my best friend and she really is and on Mother’s Day, I always do my very best to spoil her, because she deserves it.

One thing I have never bought though is flowers from an online retailer. I was always worried about how fresh they would be, how well they would be survive being transported and how long they would last. So when I was asked to review Prestige Flowers and their Mother’s Day Bouquet, it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about online flower deliveries and whether they cope.


The flowers arrived by Royal Mail in a big box which felt very safe and secure and they were undamaged.

Box the mother's day bouquet from prestige flowers came in


Afterwards, my youngest had great fun playing with the box and pretending to be a robot!

robot made out of flower box

Inside the Box

Inside the box, we found a beautiful bunch of flowers which were wrapped and inside a gift bag, a gorgeous teddy bear (which my youngest named Blueberry), a box of chocolates and a glass vase inside another box.

The flower bouquet was gorgeous and fragrant, it seemed to survive the journey to my home intact as well. The bouquet we received was the Paris bouquet, with Memory Lane roses, deep water roses, oriental lilies, stallion chrysanthemums and forest fresh eucalyptus.

The bouquet was quite a big one. Almost as big as my four-year-old!

large presitge flowers mothers day bouquet

But the best part was surprising my mum with her flower bouquet, especially as she had been feeling down recently!

Displaying the Bouquet

My parents sent me some pictures of the flowers in the vase and on display on their table. Mum said she loved them and the smell made the room sound gorgeous and no matter how sad she got, she could look at her flowers and be reminded that no matter how tough things got she had our love and adoration.

Prestige flowers bouquet in the vase

Ten Days Later

The bouquet lasted about 10 days. Mum messaged me to say she felt really sad as the flowers were starting to die but that she loved her bouquet and didn’t want to part with it. But at least she has Blueberry the teddy to remember the day we surprised her with an early Mother’s Day bouquet of flowers.

10 day old prestige flowers bouquet

The only problem is…. How do I top this when Mother’s Day actually rolls around next month


Whilst I still enjoy buying bouquets of flowers locally, this isn’t always the easiest choice. Especially if you don’t have a nearby florist or you want to send flowers to someone who lives some distance from you. In that case, an online florist, such as Prestige Flowers is the perfect way to go. Whilst I haven’t used an online florist before and cannot honestly compare Prestige Flowers to another online florist, I was impressed with the size of the bouquet, the speed of the delivery, the quality of the flowers, the condition of the flowers when they arrived and how long the bouquet lasted. The teddy and the vase were an added bonus!

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