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Pili Pala Nature World and Butterfly House, Anglesey Review

We paid for the tickets to enter Pili Pala Nature World ourselves. Whilst we do sometimes receive tickets or products for free in order to review, this was not the case with Pili Pala Nature World. Whether we paid for tickets or received them for free, our verdict and opinion would be the same. We pride ourselves on our Honest Reviews. For more information check out my Disclosure Policy.

Last week, during half term, we looked for a day out as a family. We decided to visit Pili Pala Nature World on Angelsey. Here is our honest review.

Before I get to the review, I would just like to point out that visiting somewhere like Pili Pala Nature World, which has sheep and other livestock, can be dangerous whilst pregnant. This is because certain animals, like sheep, can carry diseases which can cause a miscarriage. I would also like to add that I was very impressed to see that in the petting barn, Pili Pala Nature World had a sign stating something similar.

sign reading Ladies are you pregnant? You should avoid contact with all livestock


Pili Pala Nature World Review

Getting there via Menai Suspension Bridge

Situated on the picturesque island of Anglesey in North Wales, Pili Pala’s is easily accessible from anywhere in North Wales. There are two very famous bridges to cross the Menai Strait which separates Anglesey from the rest of Wales. The Britannia Bridge (Pont Britannia) carries the A55 over and the Menai Suspension Bridge (Pont Grog y Borth) which carries the A5. The Britannia can be congested at times as the dual carriageways on either side of the bridge narrow to one lane to cross before returning to a dual carriageway. The Menai Bridge is a one-lane road.

We decided that we would take the Menai Suspension bridge for a change. The bridge was designed by the famous engineer Thomas Telford, who is also famous for the Pontcycllte Aqueduct near Llangollen. It was opened in 1826 and is a Grade I listed structure. The Menai bridge used to be the only road bridge connecting the two sides of the Menai Strait until a fire severally damaged the Britannia rail bridge in 1970. When it was repaired they decided to add a road above the railway line and created the additional crossing. Both bridges are visible from one another. 

collage of menia suspension bridge pictures

What is Pili Pala Nature World?

Pili Pala is Welsh for Butterfly and they have a wonderful Butterfly house for you to walk around amongst all the beautiful and colourful butterflies and moths and all the lush vegetation.  Ruby was amazed when one landed on her hat! A word of warning though, don’t wear a bright top! Hubby was wearing his Manchester United top and he kept running away from them as he hates moths!

butterfly on a hat
The butterfly which landed on Ruby’s hat

red and black butterfly

butterfly on a leaf

The walk through the butterfly house was very educational as well. There were lots of displays all about the lifecycle of the butterflies, what they eat and all about the different ones you can get. To make it even more interesting, the girls were given a questionnaire to fill in.

Are there any other animals?

There’s more to see than just butterflies. In the butterfly enclosure, you’ll find ponds filled with fish and three terapins.

two girls looking over a fence
Girls looking at the pond to see the fish and the terrapins
three terrapins on a rock
The terrapins in the pond

There’s also the birdhouse with Macaw’s and cockatoo’s where we spent ages trying to get them to say something. One of the Macaw’s startled hubby and it would have been soooo funny if it had repeated what he had said but it just looked at him reproachingly instead! `

colourful macaw

colourful macaw

Inside the butterfly house, you’ll also find the lizard enclosure with different lizards and information on each of them. As it was half term we were able to get closer to the animals and my mum enjoyed stroking a lizard and learning all about it!

a hand stroking an orange lizard
Nanny being brave and touching a lizard

Next is the Meerkats. There are three named John, Paul and George. I suddenly felt very old when I quipped “Where’s Ringo?” and the girls just looked at me with blank looks on their faces! The meerkats were fascinating, I loved how they used their tails to balance when they stood up! We also got to watch them eating their lunch whilst we ate ours in the cafe overlooking them.

meerkat stood up


Afterwards, we entered the bug house. I am not a bug person at all and I wanted to bypass this section but the girls wouldn’t let me. They were fascinated with them and whilst they felt brave enough to touch the giant African land snail, no one would touch a beetle or a cockroach. To celebrate half term they had a “Bush Tucker Trail” section where you could try eating some grubs. It looks like we would starve if we ever went on I’m a Celebrity as we all refused to give it a go!

african land snail
African Land Snail

Then it was to the tropical hide where we tried to spot the red-eyed tree frogs which brought back memories of watching Go Diego Go with Ryan when he was little and staying away from the tarantula.

a tiny colourful tree frog sat on a leaf
Tree Frog

In the snake enclosure, the girls were impressed with the size of the snakes which were snoozing in their enclosures.

coiled python

coiled snake

Finally, we came to the part that the girls had been looking forward to the most. The Pets Corner which held rabbits and guinea pigs. Given that we already have 4 guinea pigs at home, three of which are babies, you wouldn’t think it would be such an appeal. But it was.

I spotted and recognised one of the guinea pigs straight away, especially as she has unique colouring. Her name is Coral and she is a satin carrier guinea pig, but more than that, she is Ozzy’s mum. Ozzy is our 7-month-old guinea pig boar.  I must have looked very strange to passersby as I was stood there telling Coral all about her son and what a good boy he was and such a cheeky chappie!

two guinea pigs eating from a bowl
Coral, Ozzy’s mum (stood at the bowl with a black face)

There was also a baby guinea pig running around which we strongly suspect is our baby guinea pig April’s sister.

baby guinea pig sat in a food bowl
April’s sister sat in the food bowl

There were also several goats and the chance to pet a rabbit and a guinea pig!

goat eating hay

two girls fussing a guinea pig

Once we’d finally managed to drag them away  from the guinea pigs, we walked along the nature trail to the end where there was a bird hut complete with binoculars and they all enjoyed seeing the countryside up close and personal, especially as Anglesey is so flat compared to the rugged mountains of Snowdonia that we call our home!

view of anglesey
The view from the bird hide

Walking back we passed the donkeys and the Alpaca’s which we had seen from the car park! These startled Becky a bit and she had to run past the one looking over the fence.

Is there anything else to see and do?

Not only does Pili Pala have lots of animals to see and learn about, it also boasts not one but two fun parks. We only went to one of them because it was such a hot day, but they all had an amazing time. They loved the zip line and playing Queen of the Castle as well as practising their swinging skills on the swing and their balancing skills on the obstacle course.

The other park which we didn’t get chance to visit, features an all-weather play barn and soft play indoor zone for toddlers.

Meerkat Cafe

Pili Pala’s also boasts a cafe with free wi-fi and enough seating for 70 people, indoors and out. We enjoyed a snack whilst watching the Meerkats and Reese ran off to play in the wendy house. If you decide to bring a picnic instead, which my parents did, there are plenty of picnic tables around.

Gift Shop

No visit to anywhere is complete without a visit to the gift shop. Ruby was amazed by the large choice of unicorn items and bought a unicorn drink bottle for her best friends birthday a few days later. Prices were reasonable and even with a budget of £2.50 each, they all managed to find something they liked! The girls were even impressed to see guinea pig teddies, something which is hard to find.

Disabled Access

Mum came with us and as she has limited mobility whilst waiting for a knee transplant she used a wheelchair. Pili Pala’s even have one you can borrow whilst you visit! The path and terrain were clear with plenty of ramps or no steps, making it easy to push the wheelchair around. The only time we struggled was entering and leaving some of the enclosures like the Butterfly House. This was understandable as there were plastic curtains over the doorway to try and prevent butterflies escaping. The only other issue was the nature trail, which is advertised as being unsuitable for wheelchairs, but dad managed to push her to the play area so she could watch the children play.

Prices and Admission

Unlike many places, the admission prices are the same year round. During winter there is the option to just visit the play area only.

Adult – £8.25
Child age 3 – 15 years – £7.25
Child under 3 – FREE
Concession (oap, student, disabled, carer) – £7.25
1 Adult + 3 Children – £28.95
1 Adult + 4 Children – £33.95
1 Adult + 5 Children – £38.95
1 Adult + 6 Children – £43.95
2 Adults + 2 Children – £29.95
2 Adults + 3 Children – £34.95
2 Adults + 4 Children – £39.95
2 Adults + 5 Children – £44.95

There are also the options of school visits, group visits and birthday parties as well as yearly passes.


The girls all had a really good time and we spent several hours walking around and taking it all in. They enjoyed learning all about Butterflies and the other animals they could see and it made them more interested in spotting butterflies when they’re out and about. We bought a butterfly guide so they can learn all the different butterflies and they have been asking for a butterfly garden so they can watch and breed their own butterflies to help grow the population of butterflies.

We all enjoyed ourselves and I strongly recommend a visit. I know we are planning to go again soon.




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