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Finding the Perfect Party Venue

I can’t believe that my son is almost 17, before I know it he’ll be 18 and wanting a party to celebrate becoming an adult!

I still remember my 18th at our local pub which was owned by my friend’s parents at the time. I had a wonderful time, but sadly the pub is no longer there.

Me playing darts at my 18th Birthday Party

Planning an 18th Birthday Party

Nowadays, birthday parties are a big deal. When I was a child, you didn’t get a party bag for attending a birthday party, the food and games were all the gift you got. Nowadays, children not only expect, but I’ve even heard them demand a party bag!

This is even more of an issue when it comes to an 18th birthday party. You suggest to a teenager that he has a few friends round to the house and it won’t go down very well.

I recently saw in a magazine that Gordon Ramsey’s daughter wore a dress worth £2,200 to her 18th birthday bash, not to mention having Ed Sheeran perform live!

Tilly, the birthday girl, with her sisters, Holly and Meghan and mum, Tana

Yet for most of us mere mortals, we can never dream of hosting such an extravagant party, but we still want to give our child the 18th Birthday Party of their dreams… at a more affordable level!

Then there’s the issue of alcohol. Especially if you host the party in your own home. Just because your child is old enough to drink, doesn’t mean that their friends are and you could be at risk of being charged with supplying minors with alcohol!

This is where finding an event to host the party can be handy. Some venues can organise everything for you, from the food to the entertainment as well as providing the alcohol and dealing with the issue of underage drinking. With less responsibility on your shoulders and less to worry about, you can just sit back and relax and enjoy the party.

How Square Meal can help!

Square Meal offers Restaurant Reviews as well as a great site to find lots of different party venues, meeting venues, restaurants, Christmas Parties or wedding venues.

Once you’ve chosen the area you want to hold the party, you have several checkboxes to help you select the ideal party venue!

So now it’s time to get my son involved and find out exactly HOW he wants to celebrate his 18th birthday!

Finding a Venue

Now I’ve decided to give him an 18th birthday party, I have to find somewhere to hold it. My cousin struggled with her daughter’s 18th as so many places wouldn’t cater to an 18th birthday party as they had had so much trouble. Sadly, with no venues willing to allow her to host her daughters 18th birthday party, her party was cancelled.

This is why I’m planning ahead! I have over a year to find the perfect venue and give him the party he deserves. I can then use my experience to help plan my other children’s 18th, which will soon arrive.


Once the venue is chosen you can look at designs or themes. You can see what the venue provides, such as food, entertainment and decorations.

Before you know it, the day of the party will be here and have booked a venue, all you will have to do is celebrate! Leaving the rest in the hands of the venue

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