Parenting is hard, it is one of the hardest things you can do. It is also one of the most rewarding as well and there is no better feeling than little arms around your neck telling you they love you.

Parenting doesn’t come with any book or guidelines. You’re thrown in the deep end to sink or swim. Thankfully, when children are little there are lots of groups, help and support. Yet when you start dealing with teenagers, a lot of this support can go away!

As I am in the middle of raising five children of different ages and abilities and including one teen who suffers from Anxiety and another child who is showing similar signs, I’ve created this page as a place to share all the parenting tips, successes and failures that I have learnt through trial and error.

I must add I am not an expert, I am just a mum like you muddling my way through parenthood.

Is that Mummy’s Friend – Things people say to parents of large families

Girls Can Like Superman Too – Sexism and why girls should be encouraged to like superheroes

Last of the Firsts – As your youngest gets older you realise you are witnessing all these first times for the last time.

Internet Rules – Keeping children safe online

Suicidal Thoughts in Teenagers – Dealing with a suicidal teenager and what you can do to help

Bedwetting – How encouraging a child to drink more during the day can help stop bedwetting.

Embarrassing Labour – What no one tells you might happen in labour

Raising an Anxious Teen – No one tells you how hard it is

How to Get Rid of Nits – A painless and cheap way of getting rid of nits without using expensive chemicals.

Teenagers and Social Media – A quick guide to help children use social media safely.

Raising a Child with Speech Issues – Helping a child who suffers from speech issues.

Mindfulness for Parents – Help to use Mindfulness as a parent

Self-Harming – Why teenagers self-harm and how to help them

Tips for a stress-free morning – How to get children ready for school with less fuss

Code-Words for Teenagers – Using a code-word with teenagers that has a meaning only the two of you understand can help

Support for Parents of Children with Challenging Behaviour – How Barnardo’s have been helping me deal with challenging behaviour from my children.

Chickenpox Whilst Pregnant – What happens if you’ve never had chickenpox and you come into contact with it whilst pregnant.

Why you shouldn’t visit a petting farm whilst pregnant – When I visited one whilst pregnant it cost me my baby and also almost cost me my life.

CSection Awareness – My 2nd was born by an emergency caesarean and this is my story.

Easier Bedtimes – Top tips for an easier bedtime routine.

Why does my child keep soiling themselves – If your child keeps having accidents, they could be suffering from Faecal Impaction (severe constipation)

Helping a Child deal with the loss of a pet – How you can help a child grieve for the loss of a beloved family pet

Starting Secondary School – Top tips on helping children move to secondary school