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How To Get Rid Of Nits and Head lice

Does white vinegar to get rid of nits, nit eggs and headlice? I tried it and found out it works and I got rid of nits, nit eggs and headlice from my daughter’s hair without the need for harsh chemicals or expensive headlice treatments or lotions. It even made combing with the nit comb so much easier. I couldnt believe it worked

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Rachel (My Crazy Brood)

Parenting Blogger & Mum of 5

Hi, I’m Rachel, the poor mum of this crazy lot! We are; Dad (Bob), Ryan (17), Becky (15) Ruby  (14), Rhian (11) and Reese (7). We also have Gwen the staffy dog, 5 guinea pigs and 2 hamsters. Join us as we navigate the craziness that raising a large family with additional needs can bring.


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