20 Free Autumn Date Night Ideas

When you’re in a relationship, especially with children, date night becomes harder. You don’t have the time, the energy and especially the money to spare. Not with Christmas rapidly approaching Yet, spending time with our partner is essential. According to Psychology Today; Friendship is a critical part of any committed relationship. It makes for open and honest […]

Researching my Mysterious Ancestor – Breaking down brick walls

One of my hobbies is researching my ancestry. I love discovering who my ancestors were, where they lived and what their occupations were. We are the result of so many different love stories and we are all related. But how? Growing up I was always close to my grandparents who doted on me and whom […]

MIA but now I’m back!

Things have been quite quiet here on my blog for the past four months. Things at home have meant the blog has had to take a backseat. I’ve had to deal with ill children, my own mental health, my children’s mental health, illness, broken computer and the worst one was losing my blog and I […]

Children’s Farm Park, Llanfair Review

Disclaimer We paid for the tickets to enter Llanfair Children’s Farm Park ourselves. Whilst we do sometimes receive tickets or products for free in order to review, this was not the case with Pili Pala Nature World. Whether we paid for tickets or received them for free, our verdict and opinion would be the same. […]

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