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Our New Guinea Pigs

Earlier this year we lost our guinea pig, Barry. This left our 6-month-old guinea pig Ozzy alone. As guinea pigs are pack animals, they need friendship and companionship. Even if they don’t get on and fight, like Barry and Ozzy did, and need separate cages, just having them together in the same room means they can chat with each other.

I always compare it to my great uncle and when he spoke of his time as a Prisoner of War during World War II. Being the only Englishman amongst his Japanese captors and the other Indian prisoners of the Andaman Islands. For 4.5 years he found the isolation of not being able to communicate almost as difficult as the beatings and abuse he suffered and witnessed.

After we lost Barry, I knew it was important to get Ozzy a friend. So I contacted the breeder we got Ozzy from to see if she had any baby boars. She did and we arranged to get a little black tan boy which we named Taffy ahead of his arrival.

We then spent time building a C&C cage to make sure Ozzy and Taffy had enough room together and to reduce the chance of them fighting once Taffy’s quarantine has finished and we can introduce them in a neutral environment.

What no one knew, not even hubby. No one except my eldest daughter Becky and myself. We also reserved two new girls as well, one of them being Taffy’s sister.

Last weekend we went up to Pili Pala World on Anglesey which is where the breeder works to collect them. They were so cute and tiny! The breeder had already bonded the girls together so they were able to go together.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to do a video like I did when we got Ozzy. But it was quite funny. I carried Taffy in his carrier and placed him on the table for daddy to look at and then went to join Becky in her bedroom. She picked up one of the girls and I picked up the other one and then we walked into the kitchen where daddy was talking to Taffy. When he realised that we were each holding a guinea pig he was speechless before asking how many we had brought home.

Well, I figured it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Once they’re here and I’ve paid for them it’s harder for him to tell us to take them home!

Ruby was almost in tears when we told her one of the girls was for her! She lost her guinea pig back in December, around her 11th birthday! The other girls are a little too young but Becky offered to share ownership of them with them.

After a lot of talking about it and Becky not liking my idea of naming the girls Cookie and Cream. We finally decided to name them April (because they were born in April) and May (because we got them in May)

So without further ado, please welcome the newest members of our crazy brood!


black and tan male baby guinea pig
baby black guinea pig standing up and looking out of his cage
His character is already showing as he’s quite a nosy little piggie

May (Taffy’s twin)

female baby black guinea pig

April (Ruby’s guinea pig)

girl baby guinea pig with cream and black streaks
April is Ruby’s guinea pig
11 year old girl cuddling cream and black baby guinea pig
Cuddles with Ruby
two guinea pigs in a cage, one in a house one lying next to it
Poor May, it looks like April has kicked her out of their house

The Twins – Taffy and May

two identical black baby guinea pigs
Taffy and May the twin guinea pigs. But which is which? Comment below which you think is the girl and which one is the boy?


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