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Our First Vlog Thanks to My Little Vlogger

Vlogs or video diaries are really popular. Even my 4-year-old loves watching them.

In fact, every parent knows not to leave a phone or tablet near an inquisitive toddler or risk getting their memory filled with lots of selfies which, if you’re really really lucky, will actually show the culprit and not just the top of their head and the ceiling!

My four-year-old is no different. She loves taking selfies of herself and when she’s on video chat with Nanny, she often takes a screenshot whilst she’s trying on their funny faces.

2017-02-14 17.33.46

For us, my toddler decided to go one better!

My 12-year-old was spoilt by Santa this year and she got a new phone to go with the laptop she got last year. The other day she was going through her photos when she came across something which had her laughing, in fact, she found it too funny to actually be mad at her 4-year-old sister.

But what did she find…

Reese, who loves watching vlogs on YouTube kids from people like Daily Bumps or Ryan’s Toy Reviews, had decided to make her OWN vlog video.

Watch below to see how cute she is! I now know who to put in charge of making my vlogs as I think she’s a natural!

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