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My Hero Academia Season 2 part 1 Review #ad

Disclaimer – We were sent an advance copy of My Hero Academia Season 2 part 1 on DVD for free to review. Whilst we were sent this for free, this has no impact on our opinion as we always pride ourselves on leaving honest reviews of products, regardless of any incentive or payment we might have received and we will always disclose this.  For more information, check out my Disclosure Policy.

Ruby, my 11-year-old, is anime mad. She’s forever drawing anime style and loves watching anime shows like Glitter Force.

As she’s always looking for new anime shows to watch, she was thrilled to be sent an advance copy of My Hero Academia season 2, sadly, however, she was too young to watch this show as it is rated 15 so it was left to my 15 year old son to watch and review.

cover for the my hero academia dvd

What is My Hero Academia

Based on Kōhei Horikoshi’s New York Times best-selling manga from Weekly Shonen Jump, the iconic home of Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, MY HERO ACADEMIA is a coming of age story against the backdrop of a world where superheroes are not only real but a viable profession. Izuku “Deku” Midoriya is one of the few born without a “quirk” power, but that won’t stop him from enrolling in the prestigious U.A. High School to chase his dream of becoming the next symbol of peace, like his idol and mentor, All Might.

In Season 2, Class 1-A has made a name for themselves after facing The League of Villains, but an even greater challenge is about to begin. These young heroes will now fight students from other classes in the world’s biggest Quirk competition—the U.A. sports festival! Agencies are watching and pros are on the lookout for sidekicks, but the most intimidating spectator of all is All Might’s rival, Endeavor. With dreams at stake and friends turning to adversaries, Deku will give everything he’s got in his grand debut as the world’s next symbol of peace.


Whilst he hadn’t watched the first season and we weren’t able to find it for him to watch, Ryan enjoyed watching the first half of season 2 and can’t wait to watch the first season and the second half of season 2. Superheroes are quite big in our house as my 4-year-old is superhero mad and loves Superman and Supergirl and Ryan enjoys superhero shows like The Flash and Arrow, as well as Marvel and DC movies. Because of this Ryan really enjoyed the premise and that people without powers can still be heroes.

Release Date

My Hero Academia season 2 part 1 is out on the 2nd April and is available from Zavvi. It’s available in two different formats, Blue-ray and DVD with the Blu-ray DVD having more features. It also has an age rating of 15

Special Features


  • All 12 Episodes
  • Episode 13.5  “Hero Notebook”


  • All 12 Episodes
  • Episode 13.5 “Hero Notebook”
  • 11 Inside the Episodes
  • Anime Expo 2017: Interview with Yoshihiko Umakoshi
  • Promo videos
  • Textless opening and closing songs.

Parental Warning

  • This TV series is rated as 15.
  • It has some mild scenes of sex and nudity.
  • It has moderate scenes of violence and gore.
  • It has mild profanity
  • It has no scenes involving alcohol, smoking or drugs.
  • It has mild scenes which are frightening or intense.


Ryan really enjoyed the show and he would recommend it. He rated it 4 out of 5.


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