MIA but now I’m back!

Things have been quite quiet here on my blog for the past four months. Things at home have meant the blog has had to take a backseat.

Hubby and I taken at a wedding last year

I’ve had to deal with ill children, my own mental health, my children’s mental health, illness, broken computer and the worst one was losing my blog and I have spent the last few months trying to get it back. Thankfully I’ve managed to get it back, reasonably intact. Sadly, I seem to have lost many of my photos so I’m going to have to manually reload all the photos. Oh, the joy! I suppose it could be worse though as I could have lost everything.

So now we’re in 2019 and the longest months of the year is almost over! Yay! So here are my goals for this coming year.

  • Instead of trying to do the impossible and posting every week on my blog, I’m just going to plan on one post a week on a Wednesday. Hopefully by setting an achievable goal I’ll be able to fulfill it rather than giving up.
  • Visit as many castles as we can as a family. We live in such a beautiful part of the world in North Wales, surrounded by so many fantastic castles. Yet we’ve only visited a few! So this year we’re going to visit as many as we can in what we have dubbed our #!00CastlesChallenge. So far we have done Castell y Bere near Tywyn and Harlech Castles. Images can be found on Instagram or Facebook and video and posts will be coming soon.
The 3 youngest acting crazy at Castell y Bere

So what about you? Did you make any New Years Resolutions? Have you already broken them or are you still going? Comment down below and let us know

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