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Home and Interior Trends 2020 Predictions

Spring seems so far away, but there’s no harm in planning in advance. Especially when it comes to decorating!

My lounge is looking tired and dated and now the children are older and less destructive, I’m planning to give it a revamp in the spring.

So I’m already looking at what interior designs will be popular in 2020 so that I can stretch my budget by buying what I need over the next few months. Not to mention checking out Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day Sales. Plus my letter to Santa asking for the more expensive items.

Home and Interior Trend Predictions 2020

According to House Beautiful, Sep 12th 2019;

“Bold shades of terracotta, burnt orange, ochre and buttery tan, gorgeous tactile textures such as bouclé, and furniture and accessories echoing nature and organic forms, the most influential interior trends of 2020 promise to bring mellow warmth to our homes.

This suits me as I like warm shades that help keep me feeling warm. Not to mention that I struggle with feeling even more depressed in dark rooms and on dark days, so a nice bright room appeals to me.

According to Rob Ellis, a designer at DFS ” Trends are a great source of inspiration, but don’t feel pressured to incorporate them in their entirety, You can take one or two aspects, such as colour, texture or pattern, and use them in subtle ways to create a look that’s still personal and liveable for you”

I love that I have a chimney breast. It makes it the ideal feature wall and means I can have a bright colour wall surrounded by more neutral colours, rather than the room feeling like its being bombarded in just one colour.

My tired looking living room, badly in need of a revamp

New Windows

To complete a revamp I would love to change the windows to breathe new life into the room. I have an amazing view of the beach and the sea but it does mean in the winter stormy months it can be very cold, especially when the wind is howling. We already have double glazing but I would love to add triple glazing for extra protection from the strong winds that buffet our house.

Looking at they have some uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows which are ideal for me. Living in a 4th floor flat makes it harder to clean the outside of windows, which get covered in sand, despite how high we live. Not too mention those flying pests that we affectionately call “Flying Rats” aka Seagulls who take great delight as using our windows as target practice! Tilt and Turn windows means we can open them fully, to clean the other side without having the additional cost of a cherry picker or paying someone with a very long hose to do it for us! It also means that in an emergency, we can also open the window fully to descend down a fireman’s ladder, should we become trapped in the living room by fire and unable to make it to our stairs or fire escape!

Furniture and Texture

So once I’ve decided on the colour of the walls and the new windows, it’s time to think about textures and furniture.

Textures help breath live into rooms and stop them feeling flat and uninviting. In 2020 we will see a strong focus on Bouclé which started on the catwalk and is now seeing as a wonderful texture in a warm and inviting home. Bouclé is both a yarn and fabric and the yarn is made from a length of loops in similar size which can range from tiny circlets to large curls. The looped yarns which are often in several subtle shades create a raised curled quality which gives a sophisticated but cosy feel. So looking for smart stitching detail will bring pattern and interest to decorative finishes on sofa arms, footstools and cushions. As well as adding depth and texture to your room.

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