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Harry Potter and the Obsessed Fan Named Ruby

Last summer my 11-year-old daughter found a book which she liked the look of and decided to read. It was a book I had bought years earlier and one day hoped one of my children would read it. This book was Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and it wasn’t until my 3rd child found it, did I finally have someone to talk Harry Potter too.

Ruby read the book and just like I did all those years ago when I read the first book for the first time. She fell in love with the world of Harry Potter. Her favourite character is Ginny Weasley (book version not the movie version) and she was thrilled when the Sorting Hat on Pottermore placed her in Hufflepuff. “I’m loyal and kind” she explained. “Just like a Hufflepuff”.

For her 11th birthday, she even got a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter and she keeps telling everyone she’s going to Hogwarts in September rather than the same Secondary school as her older brother and sister.

In fact, when my friend designed the cover picture and wanted to capture the personality of each child, Ruby was easy. Ruby is wearing her Hufflepuff scarf and using her wand to conjure her Patronus of her guinea pig Squeak who died last year, just a few days before her 11th birthday. Whilst Pottermore gave her a cat as her Patronus, she said that didn’t feel right and she would have a guinea pig instead.

Ruby herself also loves drawing, especially anime style, and she has often draw Harry Potter related pictures. My favourite one was of herself as a witch but saying Molly Weasley’s famous line and her changing “Not my daughter you bitch” to “Not my daughter you yummy biscuit

harry potter themed drawing of a witch with her daughter who is dressed as a unicorn and the witch is saying "not my daughter you biscuit"

She says it’s one of her favourite lines, along with “You’re a wizard Harry” and “The wand chooses the wizard, Mr Potter”.

Harry Potter Characters drawn in anime style by my 11 year old daughter

She hasn’t finished reading the books yet, but she is slowly ploughing through them and for Christmas, Santa gave her a copy of all the books and the three illustrated books and all the movies on DVD.

Reading Harry Potter in Bed

Last night, Ruby discovered a new trick. That she could use Harry Potter spells on her phone and her phone would work. Telling her phone Lumos turns the flashlight on, whilst Nox turns it off and Silencio switches the phone on silent. We even tried a few more spells but none worked. There is room for more and we really hope Google add the option to unlock your phone with Alohamora and to switch your phone off saying Avada Kedava.

To share our love of Harry Potter, I’m hoping this year to take Ruby to many of the Harry Potter places around the UK and Scotland, since we are lucky to live in the country where the book was set and the movie was made. I’ve already promised to take her to Primark for more Harry Potter stuff and to Harry Potter World for her birthday.

I’ll update this page, whenever we do anything Harry Potter related so keep checking back! If you have anything Harry Potter related that you would like us to review, feel free to Contact Me for more information.

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