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Happy Birthday Rhian – Turning 8!

So on Wednesday we celebrated Rhian’s birthday and she turned 8! She was so excited and all she kept saying was how it was her birthday and happy birthday to me.

The birthday girl taken during the summer.
She was having a go at Stand Up Paddleboarding!

I cannot help but feel I let her down with her birthday and I hate that it is so close to Christmas and I’m usually skint, more so this year as hubby is out of work. She seemed to enjoy herself so that’s what matters right!!!!

We decided to take her to Machynlleth Swimming pool as we knew it had a slide and with both of our cars off the road and my dad’s in the garage for it’s MOT we needed a pool we could get to via train. I did try and arrange for her to go with some friends from school who were also over 8 so they wouldn’t need an adult, but sadly they were all busy!

Bro Dyfi Leisure Centre, Machynlleth

We arranged for nanny and granddad to come with us and poor granddad drew the short straw to be the one to take Reese in the pool as she needs an adult to accompany her as she’s only 4. Ryan and Becky both decided they were too cool to go swimming with their little sisters, but Becky quickly regretted it when we got there but sadly there wasn’t the option for her to hire a costume so she had to sit with us!

Becky wished she’d taken her swimming stuff

I’ve been to Machynlleth before, but not for several years, and I was looking forward to enjoying a cuppa and some cake in the cafe whilst watching them swimming. I was shocked to discover that the cafe had since closed down and was being used as a classroom. There were some tables and chairs by reception so we had to sit there and wait with a drink from the vending machine and unable to watch them swim.

Apart from the cafe letting us down, the children all had a good time and enjoyed the slide, although Ruby was a little reluctant to try it! Little Reese loves the water and didn’t want to come out! She now asks every day if we’re going swimming again!

Emma fell asleep on the train home.
All that swimming tired her out!

I took my new camera with me but I didn’t manage to get any pictures, although Ryan enjoyed having a go!

Next year I will definitely plan something special for Rhian’s birthday, a swimming pool party as by then all her friends will be over 8!

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