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Clever Gwen the Staffy Can Open Baby Gates

This is Gwen the Staffy. Our 2-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old and the kids all call her their adopted sister. I’ve wanted a dog since my beautiful Megan, my childhood dog, passed away. We originally chose Gwen to help our teenager who suffers from anxiety to act as a best friend and give him support.

Gwen the Staffy a black female staffordshire bull terrier

On Sunday whilst we were eating out Sunday dinner we had a bit of a shock when the baby gate opened and Gwen, came wandering in.

Hubby is forever yelling at us and accusing us of forgetting to close the gate. Left on her own Greedy Gwen loves raiding the bin in search of leftovers that didn’t make it into her bowl. She also loves licking things clean. Usually this happens when we’re out and she sneaks into the kitchen.

But it seems that all the times hubby had yelled at us for leaving the gate open, it wasn’t our fault at all. Clever Gwen the Staffy has learnt how to open the gate so she can get into the kitchen whilst we were out!

So we had to film the proof and show the world that our clever Gwen the Staffy has learnt to open the gate herself! I love hoe she does it, using her nose!



I guess Gwen the Staffy is a bit of a smarty pants as I know several adults like my mum who struggle to open these gates!


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