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You Know You’re A Genealogy Nut When…

One of my favourite hobbies is researching my family tree. I love history and genealogy and trying to find out more about my ancestors.  Whilst my family is mostly from England, hubby’s family is different. His family have lived in the same town, his hometown, for generations. Which means many of them are buried in the same cemetery.

husband and child Posing by headstone of parents grave, flowers by headstone of Gwyneth Mary Thomas died 1999 and Desmond Thomas, died 2009

On Tuesday it was the 19th anniversary of his mother’s passing. I never had the privilege to meet this remarkable woman who raised 9 children, with hubby being number 8 and 5th (and last) boy. I bet she could have given me a few tips and tricks about managing such a crazy household! I know she was the glue that held hubby’s family together and when she passed in 1999, he and his siblings all fell apart!

welsh grandfather known as taid and three of his grandchildren

I did have the privilege of knowing his dad though, he passed away 8 years ago when I was pregnant with Rhian and I know hubby treasures the picture of the three eldest with their Taid (grandad in Welsh) that we have. He also loves the episode of Julia Bradbury’s Railway Walks when she walks the Mawddach Trail near Barmouth as she interviews his dad about his life working on the Barmouth-Ruabon Railway line which was shut due to Beeching’s Axe. It was filmed shortly before he died which makes it extra poignant, in fact, we didn’t even know he was in the episode until we watched it!

We popped up to the cemetery with Reese, who was still off school with chickenpox and laid some flowers on her grave.

Before leaving the cemetery, hubby says to Reese. “Come on I’ll show you where your great-grandparents are buried!” and off he trots to his grandparents grave to say hello.



Headstone of Ben Thomas and Maggie May Thomas

As he was getting ready to leave I asked him if he was going to say hello to his other grandparents. He looked at me blankly as he didn’t have a clue where they were. I laughed and pointed straight at their headstone. It made me laugh because I knew where his ancestors were buried better than he did thanks to my obsession passion for family history.


Headstone of Griffith John Thomas and Catherine Edna Thomas


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