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Disney Frozen 2 Review

Frozen 2 poster and words review

On Friday the girls all had an inset day from school. It was also the day that Frozen 2 was released in the UK. We promised them that we would take them to see it once daddy finished work and we made it to the 4pm showing at our nearest Odeon cinema but other cinemas are also showing the movie.

The girls, apart from Reese who was a baby, remember seeing Frozen 1 in the cinema. Ruby often talks about it as it was her 7th birthday treat and she loved it so much, she used her Christmas money to preorder the DVD when it came out.


I was quite surprised that my 14-year-old daughter wanted to see it. Not just her as she begged for her friend to be allowed to come with us! You would think it would be too cool for teenagers, but mine couldn’t wait to see it!

Frozen 2 Review

The girls adored the movie and are already asking to go back again and watch it. They constantly have the songs playing on their tablets which has finally replaced Descendants 3.

The movie has a bit more of a grown-up feel to it compared to the first movie and it is a bit darker in places. The movie deals with their parents’ death and trying to understand where Elsa’s powers come from whilst protecting Arendale and discovering the past. It might be a little dark for younger children, but mine (aged 6, 9, 12 and 14) all enjoyed it.

I asked them afterwards which movie was better, the first or second movie and they all said Frozen 2.


As usual with Disney soundtracks, the songs are catchy. “Into the Unknown” is certainly popular, although they also like the version by Panic at the Disco. My favourite was Kristoff’s song “Into the Woods” which had an 80s feel to it.

Favourite Scenes

I asked the girls which part of the movie was their favourite. Answers have been edited to avoid spoilers.

Rhian aged 9 – When Elsa saves Arendale. Favourite song – Somethings Never Change

Reese aged 6 – When Elsa tames the water horse. Favourite song – Show Yourself

Ruby aged 12 – When their mother sings the lullaby “All is Found”

Becky aged 14 – The ending Favourite Song – Holding on Tight to You

Recommend or Not

All my girls, hubby and I certainly recommend this movie! They certainly enjoyed it and hope there is a Frozen 3!

frozen 2 poster showing Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf

*** Disclaimer ***

We purchased the tickets ourselves to watch the movie and haven’t been paid for this post. Check out my Reviews Page for more reviews

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