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My Fairy Unicorn Garden Review

We were sent the Unicorn Garden for free to review and write down our thoughts on the product. The fact that we received the product for free, does not affect our opinion of the product. We will always be honest in all our reviews. For more information, check out our Disclosure Policy.

My Fairy Unicorn Garden


My Fairy Unicorn Garden – Discover the magic of nature through play

With the My Fairy Garden range, children can imagine, create, nurture and grow their own fairy garden. My Fairy Garden is a collectable girl’s range that encourages interaction with nature through play. The kits offer children a delightful experience of imaginative open-ended play whilst discovering the magic of growing real plants. There are cute little flowerpot fairy homes, fairy doors to place in your house to allow fairies to enter and Fairy Tale stories to encourage children’s imaginations! Make your child’s bedroom an enchanted place with these magical toys!

my fairy unicorn garden box

My Fairy Unicorn Garden: Create a magical Unicorn Garden where Fairy Belle can make a wish. This ‘Grow & Play’ playset includes Belle the fairy and her unicorn and mouse friends, along with a sparkly fairy house, wishing well with working acorn bucket, bunting, fairy dust and lots more. Sow the seeds provided and watch this enchanting garden grow together!

  • Grow the perfect garden for belle the fairy and her unicorn and animal friends!
  • Sow the seeds provided and watch the grass grow.
    Help Belle make wishes in the wishing well, or relax under the pretty arbour.
  • Also includes a sparkly fairy cottage, bunting, flowers and fairy dust.
  • Just one of a range of my fairy garden products from Interplay.
  • Available for £19.99rrp from toy retailers, supermarkets, department stores, homeware/garden stores and online

Our Opinion

My girls adore Unicorns! They all have a unicorn teddy and on my cover picture, my 8-year-old is even holding a unicorn teddy. My 11-year-old especially is fascinated with mythological creatures such as mermaids and unicorns. She has such a kind and caring heart and believes in these creatures but believes they hide from humans so they can’t be caught and studied or placed in zoos. She once confided in me that she would love to meet a unicorn but she wouldn’t tell anyone that she had met one. She would keep it a secret to protect the unicorn, even if it meant everyone ridiculed her and called her a liar. She would be the unicorn’s friend and help keep it safe and protected!

When the box arrived the girls were thrilled and couldn’t wait to open it and create the garden. Rhian, my 8-year-old even named the unicorn Unicornia. Of course, because there was three of them trying to do it at the same time, it did become a little messy, but who cares when they’re having lots of fun!

Whilst the two older girls went to the shop to get some soil (the box doesn’t come with the soil, it is the only thing you need to get) I quickly assembled the wishing well, flower pole and arch. The wishing well was a little fiddly, trying to get the string for the bucket through the hole, but with some patience, I managed.

Once the girls were back it was time to create the Unicorn Garden and they had lots of fun, as you can see from the video.

Once the Unicorn Garden was finished we put it in the sun and eventually the grass started to grow. One thing I will mention is that I noticed some of the seeds were on top of the soil and weren’t growing, sprinkled a bit of extra soil on top and within a day or two you could see the tiny sprouts of grass.

completed my fairy unicorn gadren waiting for the grass to grow

The girls had great fun watching the grass grow and every morning they would race each other to see if they could see anything yet and argue over whose turn it was to water the garden.

One Week Later

It took about a week for the grass to grow and it grew quite long. We then had to trim the grass a little as it looks like a bit of a jungle, but at least Belle the fairy, Unicornia the unicorn and Titch the mouse are hidden amongst the tall grass.

my fairy unicorn garden after the grass had grown

Once we’d trimmed the grass, we gave the cut pieces to our guinea pigs, Barry and Ozzy who loved having some fresh grass and we were secure knowing there were no chemicals on the grass.

guinea pigs enjoying the grass from the my fairy unicorn garden



If your girls are anything like mine they will love the Fairy Unicorn Garden and watching the grass grow. It has gotten them interested in growing plants and our next challenge will be to see who can grow the tallest Sunflower!

When we trimmed the grass it gave Becky the idea to grow her own grass for her guinea pigs, so they would have fresh grass available all the time. Especially as we don’t have a garden.

growing grass for guinea pigs

Now the girls are wanting more of the My Fairy Garden range and are excited about growing sunflowers and other plants.


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