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Children’s Farm Park, Llanfair Review

Llanfair Children's Farm Park Review

We paid for the tickets to enter Llanfair Children’s Farm Park ourselves. Whilst we do sometimes receive tickets or products for free in order to review, this was not the case with Pili Pala Nature World. Whether we paid for tickets or received them for free, our verdict and opinion would be the same. We pride ourselves on our Honest Reviews. For more information check out my Disclosure Policy.

Children’s Farm Park, Llanfair 

During the last week of the summer holidays, we decided to take the three youngest to the Children’s Farm Park in Llanfair near Harlech in North Wales. Here is our honest review.

Before I get to the review, I would just like to point out that visiting a farm or petting zoo, which has sheep and other livestock, can be dangerous whilst pregnant. This is because certain animals, and livestock, like sheep, can carry diseases which can cause a miscarriage.

sign reading Ladies are you pregnant? You should avoid contact with all livestock

Getting There

The park is located in the small village of Llanfair on the main A496 road between Barmouth and Harlech. It is signposted on the main road and easy to find. There is a campsite next to the Children’s Farm Park as well as Slate Caverns.

About the Park

The Children’s Farm Park is a wonderful place for young children. It has been updated since our last visit a few years ago with a new gift shop and entrance. Admission prices for a family of five was a reasonable £27.80 and we had the option for some food so that we could feed some of the animals.

What animals are there?

After entering the park, the first thing we saw was the aviary with some owls. We then went across to the rabbit enclosure and we met one of the park workers who said that whilst we could go in and see the rabbits, we would have to come back to hold them as they were having a rest. I was pleased to see that they were taking their animal’s safety seriously and that they were giving rabbits a rest between sessions. The girls loved looking at the rabbits and all their different colourings and pointing out some rabbits which were similar in looks to our twin guinea pigs Taffy and May.

collage showing some of the rabbits at Llanfair play farm

After the rabbit enclosure, we went across to the shed where there were some young goats and calves. The girls had fun feeding and fussing the goats but I was fascinated by the calves and the size of the tongue when I fed it some food. It took a while to encourage the girls to leave as they were having so much fun.

collage showing us feeding some of the baby animals at Llanfair play farm

We decided to visit all the animals first so we had a quick look at the pigs (the girls didn’t like the smell) before going down to the outside enclosures which held more goats and one with some sheep. We soon ran out of food feeding all these animals and fussing them.

The Play Areas

Once we’d finished our visit with the few animals they have, it was time to visit the play areas. This is where the Children’s Farm Park shines with indoor and outdoor play areas meaning you can enjoy the park whatever the weather. There are also indoor and outdoor seating areas so you can enjoy a picnic.

collage showing the outdoor castle play area

The castle play area is another new addition to the park since our last visit. A fun climbing castle with lots of slides, climbing frames and swings. Ideal to tire your excited children. Other outdoor play areas including go-karts, water cannon and hook a duck.

collage showing the outdoor games of hook a duck, using a digger and riding a go cart

You could even have a go at using a digger (additional cost of £1)

collage showing some of the indoor play areas

The indoor play areas are a huge sandpit, but living next to the beach met that had little interest to my girls, a small toddler soft play area with a picnic area and a large soft play barn which included air cannons and picnic area.

The air cannons were a HUGE hit and Ruby scored an amazing shot, shooting my phone which was in my hand!

Further up the hill and at an additional cost, is Llanfair Slate Caverns which can lengthen your visit. We didn’t go but I know that parts of the Sean Connery movie, First Knight, which is about King Arthur and the knights of the roundtable was filmed in the caverns.

Is there a cafe?

There isn’t a cafe at the Children’s Farm Park but there is one nearby at the Slate Caverns which are within walking distance.

Gift Shop

There is now a small gift shop attached to the Farm Park and the girls were all allowed to choose a small present. Some of the gifts include slate items from the Llanfair Slate Caverns. Prices were reasonable and the girls soon found something they wanted. Ruby chose a snow globe, Reese some ponies and Rhian chose a diary.

Prices and Admission

The Children’s Farm Park is open from Easter until the end of September. Unlike some places, the price you pay is the same year round.

Adult – £5.90
Children – £6
Family (2+2) – £23
Family (2+3) – £27.80


The girls all had lots of fun at the Children’s Farm Park. All animal lovers they enjoyed the opportunity to hold a rabbit and to feed the goats. The play areas are great fun and they enjoyed themselves, especially with the air cannon as Ruby managed to shoot my phone out of my hand when I was filming!

I would recommend it to families with small children as older children might find it a bit boring. I would say it was suitable for ages 12 and younger. We will definitely visit again!

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