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Childhood Toys – Do You Still Have One of Yours

Today, my daughters will be throwing a birthday party for a very special stuffed toy. This stuffed toy, named Lamby, is my oldest and dearest childhood toy.

little girl hugs lamb shaped teddy
Birthday Hugs from Rhian on Lamby’s 40th birthday

41 years ago today, when I was a tiny 7-week old baby, my parents held my christening. One of the gifts I received was a stuffed toy lamb from my great uncle Denis and his partner auntie Pearl.

little baby in hat and coat surrounded by 70s style with a stuffed toy lamb by feet
Me and Lamby when I was about 10 months old

What amazes me the most is that Lamby, as I named him as a child, is in excellent condition. Looking at him you would think he was about a year old. Not brand new, but not that old either. On discovering he was in fact 41 years old, you would assume he wasn’t a stuffed toy to be played with but a stuffed toy stored on a shelf, admired but never touched. But you would be wrong! Lamby was one of my favourite stuffed toys as a child, I would take him everywhere with me and he has been in too many nativities to remember, even my children have used him in their nativity plays!

nativity scene of children
Lamby by the manger with a little boy holding his ear. Me as a shepherd (on the right sitting cross-legged) during the 1980s

Lamby looks better than some of the teddies I have bought for my children. He has both his eyes, although one is a little scratched, there is no thinning or rips or tears in his fur.

lamb shaped teddy collage of the lamb at different angles

Judging from Lamby’s label, which is still readable after all this time and despite many baths in the washing machine, Lamby was bought from Marks & Spencer.

label saying St Michaels made in the UK

I think my great uncle and aunt certainly got their money’s worth when they bought Lamby! I only wish uncle Denis was still alive so that I could tell him Lamby is still going strong

old lady holding stuffed lamb teddy
Lamby and Great Aunt Pearl, reunited after 40 years

Last Easter, we did meet up with auntie Pearl and it was the first time I had seen her in many years and the first time she met hubby and the children. It was also a chance to reunite her with Lamby and show her how well he was still doing well!

generation shot of an elderly lady, slightly less elderly man, one teenage boy and four girls
Auntie Pearl, my dad and my children

So what about you? Do you have any of your childhood stuffed toys that your children now play with? How old are they?

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