Why does my child tantrum when they come home from school? The Cola Bottle Analogy

photo of an exploding cola bottle with the text Bad Behaviour After School? The Cola Bottle Analogy

Have you ever noticed that children seem to behave worse when they come home from school? From tantrums, screaming and crying, to rudeness and defiance. They seem to have had a good day at school and the teacher hasn’t mentioned any problems or misbehaviour. You can’t see any reason why they’re behaving this way and […]

Researching my Mysterious Ancestor – Breaking down brick walls

One of my hobbies is researching my ancestry. I love discovering who my ancestors were, where they lived and what their occupations were. We are the result of so many different love stories and we are all related. But how? Growing up I was always close to my grandparents who doted on me and whom […]

What I wish my friends & family understood about my child’s school refusal

Having a child who refuses to go to school means you find yourself in a very difficult situation. You need support around you to help you support your child and this is where friends can be a great help. Yet, dealing with an emotional child who suffers from school refusal means you often find yourself […]

Why You Shouldn’t Visit a Petting Farm or Zoo Whilst Pregnant

When you are pregnant there are several things you shouldn’t do. One of them is one you might not even realise. You shouldn’t visit a petting farm or zoo, especially ones that have lambs. This is because lambs carry many diseases which can cause miscarriages. This is what happened to me after I visited a […]

Code words for Teenagers

Being a teenager is hard but dealing with peer pressure is harder. This is where code words can be helpful. Two summers ago my son got into mischief with some friends. Even though he knew it was wrong, he got carried away with his friends and didn’t know how to say no. He regrets what […]