Getting Ahead with Head Lice and Hedrin

*** Disclaimer *** The information supplied in this post was provided by Hedrin. I also received a sample of the product to try. All views, unless otherwise specified, are my own views and regardless of whether I receive payment in the form of money or a free product, I shall be totally honest in my […]

Childhood Toys – Do You Still Have One of Yours

Today, my daughters will be throwing a birthday party for a very special stuffed toy. This stuffed toy, named Lamby, is my oldest and dearest childhood toy. 41 years ago today, when I was a tiny 7-week old baby, my parents held my christening. One of the gifts I received was a stuffed toy lamb from […]

Power of Attorney. What would happen if you couldn’t make decisions

If you have elderly parents like I do, sorry mum, then you need to plan ahead. Not just with your elderly relatives, but with yourself as well. No one knows what the future will hold and whilst we all hope for a long and healthy life, that isn’t always possible. What would happen if the […]

How To Help Children Deal With The Loss Of A Pet

Last weekend was a sad weekend. For a week our two-year-old guinea pig, Barry had been fighting an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) and despite medicine from the vets and syringe feeding him critical care, on Saturday he passed away in my arms! I’ll never forget telling my 13-year-old and hearing her sob “Don’t leave me, Barry. Please […]

Why does my child keep soiling themselves? Faecal Impaction

My 4-year-old has been off school for a few days. She suffers from Faecal Impaction, like her older sister before her. Thankfully, because Rhian also suffered from Faecal Impaction, I recognised the signs in Reese and I knew that it wasn’t her being lazy and refusing to go the toilet when she kept pooping in […]