Our New Guinea Pigs

Earlier this year we lost our guinea pig, Barry. This left our 6-month-old guinea pig Ozzy alone. As guinea pigs are pack animals, they need friendship and companionship. Even if they don’t get on and fight, like Barry and Ozzy did, and need separate cages, just having them together in the same room means they can […]

Build Your Own C&C Cage for Guinea Pigs

A few weeks ago we lost one of our guinea pigs, Barry, from an upper respiratory infection. Basically, he caught a cold which can be fatal for guinea pigs and sadly in Barry’s case it was. We knew guinea pigs shouldn’t be kept alone as they are pack animals and do better with a friend. So we knew […]

Signs of a URI in Guinea Pigs (Upper Respiratory Infection)

Guinea pigs are lovely pets, but being prey animals, they can hide when they are unwell and they can go downhill very quickly. Especially if they catch a URI or Upper Respiratory Infection. A URI is a deadly bacterial infection that can quickly cause death in guinea pigs. It is also the cause of two […]

Getting a Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are wonderful pets. We’ve had them now for over three years when we rehomed a pair of four-year-old long-haired beauty’s named Bubble and Squeak. I had never owned guinea pigs before then, never even held one, but the minute I held them, I fell in love with them and so did my daughters. We […]

Our New Guinea Pig

Yesterday we went to pick up this adorable new guinea pig to join our family! About three years ago, Becky and Ruby decided they wanted guinea pigs as pets. At the time we didn’t have any pets and the girls, who adore animals, really really wanted some. I’d never had a guinea pig before, just […]