Thinking About DNA Testing? Read this first!

So you’re thinking about testing your DNA or the DNA of an elderly relative. Whichever company you use and for whatever reason you want to test. You need to think carefully before you test. As a researcher of my own tree, it’s great news that you’re thinking about testing. The more people who DNA test […]

Finding a famous cousin – Who could it be?

finding a famous cousin text with person outline and 6th cousin 1x removed

One thing I always find amazing when researching my family tree, is how many cousins we have! But then, I also wonder why I’m so surprised. If you go back just 10 generations, to your 8th great grandparents, you have 1024 of them. Even more if you go back further, you have a shocking 2048 […]

Researching my Mysterious Ancestor – Breaking down brick walls

One of my hobbies is researching my ancestry. I love discovering who my ancestors were, where they lived and what their occupations were. We are the result of so many different love stories and we are all related. But how? Growing up I was always close to my grandparents who doted on me and whom […]

You Know You’re A Genealogy Nut When…

One of my favourite hobbies is researching my family tree. I love history and genealogy and trying to find out more about my ancestors.  Whilst my family is mostly from England, hubby’s family is different. His family have lived in the same town, his hometown, for generations. Which means many of them are buried in […]