Raising an Anxious Teen

  Raising an anxious teenager is hard. Living with mental health issues is hard and so is looking after a child who suffers. I have an anxious teenager who suffers from anxiety and depression. I’m not going to lie… it is hard! Dealing with panic attacks is draining. You don’t know if what you’re doing […]

Getting My Anxious Teen Back To School

Today I had a meeting with my teenager who suffers from Anxiety and depression and their school, namely their head of year and the school welfare officer. My child, who has asked to be known as Anon in any posts which mention their anxiety and depression, hasn’t been to school for almost five weeks because […]

CAMHS Update

Yesterday I took Anon for a CAMHS check-up. Anon is one of my children who has asked that I don’t reveal which one, whenever I discuss their Anxiety and Depression. At the end of last year, Anon’s anxiety was so severe that they took tablets in an attempt to commit suicide which I wrote about […]

Suicidal Thoughts in Children with Anxiety and Depression

Why do people struggle to understand that children can also suffer from anxiety and depression? One in six children will experience anxiety at some point. That means that in a class of 30 children, five will experience some type of anxiety.  It’s more than just the general worrying about tests, school, friendships etc. These are […]