Code words for Teenagers

Being a teenager is hard but dealing with peer pressure is harder. This is where code words can be helpful. Two summers ago my son got into mischief with some friends. Even though he knew it was wrong, he got carried away with his friends and didn’t know how to say no. He regrets what […]

Self-Harming. Why People Self-Harm & How You Can Help

Last year I was chatting to a friend and she confessed she was worried about her teen who was self-harming and she didn’t know what to do. She had tried taking anything sharp off her teen and limiting what was available in the house, but her teen still found things to use. She didn’t know […]

Mindfulness for Nurturing Parents

Today I attended the first class on Mindfulness for Nurturing Parents with Bernardo’s and the Centre for Mindfulness Practice and Research at Bangor University. Week 1 – Automatic Pilot The first week was all about Mindfulness, what was it all about and what did we think it was all about. I was quite relieved to […]

My Missing Teenager with Anxiety

  Yesterday we had a phone call that got us in full panic mode. It was a phone call from the school saying they couldn’t find my Anxious Teenager. We had a missing teenager. One of my children suffers from anxiety and depression and has asked to be identified by Anon on posts discussing it. Just […]

Teenagers and Social Media

I wouldn’t like to be a teenager in this day and age. Social media has such a huge impact on their lives and there’s no place to escape it. All teenagers want to fit in, so telling them they can’t have social media doesn’t work. Without it they are left out and ridiculed. With it, […]