Wonders of the British Inland Waterways

I’ve written before about why we love our canal boat holidays so much and even my trips on the Llangollen Canal, the Montgomery Canal and the Cheshire Ring Circular Canal Route. But this post is about my canal bucket list! You see, there are many incredible and wonderful feats of engineering on the canals, especially […]

The Montgomery Canal Review

In 2014 we took our very last narrowboat holiday onboard my parent’s share boat “Sunseeker”. We were travelling along the Llangollen Canal towards Llangollen in Wales when we decided to take a detour along the Montgomery Canal. The canal is in the process of being restored and my dad has spent many happy weekends on […]

The Cheshire Ring Circular Canal Route Review

We love Canal Boat Holidays, but sadly my parents had sold their share in the canal boat Sunseeker as it was now too small for us. Sunseeker slept 6 and we now numbered 9 following the birth of Reese in 2013. We had our last holiday aboard Sunseeker in 2014. In 2015, because we were […]

Canal Boat Holidays – Why we enjoy them so much!

When my dad was a child, his parents moved him from Kent to Lancashire. Both of my grandparents had grown up in Kent (although my granddad was born in Canada) yet for some reason, they moved all the way to Lancashire. My dad said that grandad opened a business doing maintenance on the trucks that […]