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Why I think I Have a Car Curse

I have such bad luck when it comes to a car. I really do feel like I have a car curse. It’s so bad that I’ve gone from loving driving to hating it, just because of cars!

But why do I feel like I have a car curse?

It just seems like whenever I go near a car it breaks down. The latest example happened just a few days ago and it was just something so very simple. We’d just bought a new second-hand car so that hubby could get to work. His little Micra is on it’s way out and the only car we could find on our budget, especially since he had just gone back to work after being unemployed since November, was a Ford Mondeo from a local garage. It was a lovely car and looked well looked after so I began to think that maybe my luck had changed. Perhaps this time we had actually bought a decent car for a change.

Hubby’s old car, the Micra in the background.
The Mondeo in front is the new car

After a spin to visit hubby’s brother where he had fun building a snowman in his brothers garden with the two littlest, we came home and whilst he went shopping I popped to the local electronic store to get a new battery in the key fob as hubby was struggling to get the car to lock or unlock and we suspected the battery.  The lady in the shop changed the battery and off I went to meet hubby, but this time the key fob wouldn’t work at all and neither did the key in the door lock. So I went back to the electronics shop and this time the gentleman in the shop checked the battery and said it was all working so I went back to the car and it still wouldn’t work. This time hubby took it back to the shop to get the old battery put back in and I took the girls home because it was so cold. Hubby phoned and said that it still wouldn’t work and he couldn’t get in the car. We contacted the garage where we got the car and he took it back. A day later we got a call to say the car was ready but the when the mechanic tried to start it the immobiliser had kicked in and it wouldn’t work and he needed to get a locksmith to come and look at it. Sadly, this would take a week so hubby decided to take his old car back so that he could still get to work as he didn’t want to jeopardise his new job.

Hubby and his Micra

I wish I could say this is the first time it has happened, but it isn’t. This always seems to happen, like going out in the car and being stuck with a flat battery, driving a car and the engine management light coming on (and that was my dad’s car) buying two different cars where the turbo has gone three weeks after buying it. In fact, we have another faulty car which is sat on my parent’s driveaway, I bought it a few months ago and 22 days after I bought it the turbo went, I got that fixed and hubby drove it to work no problem, then I went in it and the engine malfunction light came on again and this time it was the EGR valve. I’m currently trying to take the dealer to court with that car for selling me a car of unsatisfactory quality and trying to get him to take the car back and refund what I’ve spent on it as well as what I paid for it. The little Micra that hubby drives, a week after we bought that from a private seller and the first time I drove it, the starter motor died on me. The car before that, a few weeks after I bought it the turbo died on me, but that time I didn’t know about the Consumer Act 2015 which would have allowed me to get the dealer to pay for the repairs. All the other cars we’ve bought before that, have lasted around a year before they’ve broken down or been too expensive to get through the MOT. This includes one car that I didn’t realise was from a backstreet dealer and had a cracked head gasket which they tried to hide by removing the thermostat.

faulty ford galaxy on the back of an AA breakdown truck
My Ford Galaxy, 23 days after I bought it.
The turbocharger blew

I’m so sick of cars. I’m sick of the agitation and fear I feel when driving waiting for something to go wrong. The paranoia about every little noise. The stress of trying to find another car for hubby, one that will do what we want it to do and last more than a few weeks or months but be within our price budget. The stress of taking the dealer to court and having almost £10,000 tied up in a car I cannot use yet still having to make the loan payments that I took out to get a car that we would all fit in. I hate the fact that whilst we do have a car, it isn’t big enough for all of us and we have to decide who we are leaving home or palm some off with my parents. Most of all, I hate having a car curse!

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