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Baby Secrets Activity Pack Review

We were sent the Baby Secret dolls and activity packs for free to review and write down our thoughts on the product. The fact that we received the product for free, does not affect our opinion of the product. We will always be honest in all our reviews. For more information, check out our Disclosure Policy.

Baby Secrets Activity Pack

When I told my 8-year-old Rhian we were getting some dolls to review, she was so excited and kept asking when they were going to arrive! She couldn’t wait to get them out of the box to see if they were boy babies or girl babies but she wasn’t too happy about sharing with her younger sister!

We were sent two Baby Secrets Activity packs, the High Chair pack and the Rocking Horse pack. Each activity pack contained two Baby Secret dolls, which are exclusive to the activity packs and one secret baby which was hidden inside a bath. We also received several single Baby Secrets dolls which were hidden inside a bath.

our unopened baby secrets goodies

Once the girls had taken the doll out of the wrapper and admired the doll and what it was wearing, they then placed the doll in water to see what colour the nappy changed to, with a blue nappy meaning the baby secret doll was a boy and a pink nappy meaning the baby secret was a girl.

Our 12 assorted baby secret dolls

They then had lots of fun named their secret babies and filling in their birth certificates before wandering off to play with them.


The baby secrets dolls and activity packs are available from Argos with the activity packs costing £12.99 and the single baby secret dolls costing £8.99 for a triple pack (and also available as part of Argos’ 2 for £15 special offer). This is quite a fair price for the dolls and the activity packs.

The dolls themselves are quite sturdy and they appear to be well made. They are solid dolls with posable arms and legs. Being able to bend their legs also means that they can sit in the highchair and balance on the rocking horse. The dolls are made in China and I have noticed that some of the white has rubbed off their nappies due to playing and shows a hint of the nappy colour it turns too.

All in all my girls have really enjoyed playing with these dolls and with 50 different baby secrets to collect they still have a few to go and are eager to complete the collection.

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