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20 Free Autumn Date Night Ideas

image of a woodland path with all the colours of autumn with trees. text says 20 free autumn date night ideas

When you’re in a relationship, especially with children, date night becomes harder. You don’t have the time, the energy and especially the money to spare. Not with Christmas rapidly approaching

Yet, spending time with our partner is essential. According to Psychology Today;

Friendship is a critical part of any committed relationship. It makes for open and honest communication and an assumption that the other person “has your back.” It is easier to address a conflict with a spouse who is also viewed as a friend versus one seen as an adversary (Gottman, 1999).

Emotional connectedness brings added depth to your relationship. For many individuals, it is a necessary factor in generating sexual desire, another important aspect of any long-term committed relationship. The initial romantic love relationship lasts less than two years for most couples. Inhibited desire affects one in three couples (McCarthy, 2013). Putting date night back into the routine can help couples work as a team to rekindle desire.

Given these two positive consequences of having “dates,” why would any couple fail to plan them regularly? written by Dianne Grande Ph.D Mar 30th 2017

Communication is key in any relationship and in order for any relationship to grow and develop, you have to spend time with each other. Away from the children. For that reason, WeLoveDates has challenged me to share my favourite Date Night ideas that don’t cost a penny.

Of course, if you don’t have that special someone, then autumn is the perfect time to find a new date and test all these ideas on and the dating site We Love Dates is an easy way to do so.

20 Free and Easy Autumn Date Night Ideas

With nights drawing in and Christmas rapidly approaching, it can be even harder to find time and money to spend together. But here are a few simple and free ideas to help you

couple snuggled together in an autumn meadow filled with the colours of autumn
  • Snuggle together under blankets and watch a movie together, complete with popcorn
  • Talk a nature walk
  • Visit an orchid and pick apples (not scrumping even if that does remind you of your childhood).
  • Bake together, you can use the apples from the orchard or the pumpkins you’ve carved.
  • Game Night, you can even spice it up a little with games like strip poker (just make sure the children are asleep!)
  • Host a “Mr & Mrs” quiz between you with a forfeit for every question you get wrong with questions based on your partner and how well you know them.
  • Wrap presents together ready for Christmas, the earlier you start the more prepared you’ll be and the less stressful Christmas will be
  • Carve pumpkins and challenge each other to create the funniest or scariest
  • Take turns to give each other massages.
  • Play truth or dare together
  • Wrap up warm and enjoy picnics together
  • Watch the sunset sharing a blanket
  • Tell each other your deepest fantasies and act them out
  • Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows
  • Lay on blankets and gaze at the stars
  • Camp in your own backyard
  • Find a playground and swing on the swings
  • Stroll through a farmers market
  • Visit an Art Museum
  • Watch a local team play football or rugby

Can you think of any other free date night ideas? Feel free to comment down below

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