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*** This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEWinterRefresh Challenge, sponsored by ACE for Colours Powder. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper and pick up the range at your nearest Morrison’s store or buy online on Amazon. ***

ACE Winter Refresh

Autumn is fast becoming my favourite season of the year. I love the colours of the trees, the smell of frost in the air, the coolness of the mornings and evening (I don’t cope with hot weather). We used to go on canal boat holidays during October half-term and autumn reminds me of those holidays.

I love the excitement of children as they have Halloween, Bonfire Night and then Christmas to look forward to.

I love watching the magnificent colours of the trees as the leaves change.

But most of all, I love getting my winter wardrobes out of storage. When I can snuggle up under my hoodies whilst walking the dog.

The problem with stored clothes is that when you pull them out of storage, they can feel a little flat. I store a lot of clothes, with four daughters I have piles waiting for my younger two to grow into, and I could never pull them out of storage without washing them first!

Even storing them in vacuum bags I still think they need a wash before you can use them.

ACE Winter Refresh Challenge

With winter coming, it’s a good time to pull clothes out of storage. My warmer winter hoodies as well as the perfect time to sort my youngest daughters clothes out and swap them for the next size up.

This is why I was thrilled to have the chance to try a new washing powder. ACE.

Trying ACE for Colours

I was sent a sample of Ace for colours washing powder and I put a load in the wash with all the clothes I had just pulled out of storage and my usual washing powder.

I must admit, I had never heard of Ace before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I immediately liked the fact that the box was 100% recyclable. Living by the sea, I see first hand the impact that plastic pollution can have and I keep looking for little ways I can help the environment, so this was a big plus for me.

When I pulled the clothes out of the dryer (we have no garden to hang our clothes) I was impressed with how fresh they felt after being vacum-packed for six months or longer. They helped the clothes keep their colour, which is always a plus to me when I want clothes to be handed down without fading. Plus some of my clothes are older than my children so anything that helps them last is always.

Using ACE for Colours

ACE isn’t a washing powder. It is a stain remover that you add to your wash to help get rid of stains. It can be used as a pre-wash, to treat stains or added to your detergent in the washing machine.

For pre-treatment:

  1. Mix one tablespoon (about 17g) with six tablespoons (about 40g) of warm water (maximum 40°C)
  2. Apply the mix on the stain for a maximum of five minutes and rub the stain as needed.
  3. Wash as usual straight afterwards.

For soaking:

  1. Mix four tablespoons (about 70g) of ACE with four litres of water (maximum 40°C)
  2. Leave for a maximum of one hour for coloured items, and a maximum of six hours for white items
  3. After soaking, rinse thoroughly or wash as usual

In the washing machine:

  1. Add the detergent as usual.
  2. For normal soiling/stains, add two tablespoons (about 35g) of product into main wash dispenser, whilst the water flows at the start of the wash.
  3. For heavy soiling/stains or tough and dried-in stains, double the dosage.

Would I buy ACE for Colours again?

Ace for Colours is available at Morrisons or Amazon and at Morrisons, it currently costs £3 for a 450g box or £2.99 at Amazon. Because it isn’t available in my local shops is a bit of a problem, as I don’t have a Morrisons near me. I could buy it from Amazon, but this would be something I would pick up in my usual shop.

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