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Aberdyfi Panto 2018

Yesterday, the girls and I joined their Girlguiding group on our annual trip to Aberdyfi for their Aberdyfi Panto 2018. This year it was Aladdin’s turn to get the Aberdyfi Players make-over and as usual, they didn’t disappoint!

girls on the train to Aberdyfi

This is probably the 5th year running that we’ve joined the local Girlguiding troops to watch Aberdyfi panto. Every year they amaze us with their shows and every year they just seem to get better and better. They are all amateurs with a passion to put on an amazing show and without a doubt, they do!

Aberdyfi Panto 2018 – Aladdin & His Magical Lamp

Aberdyfi panto 2018 Aladdin poster

This year it was Aladdin & His Magical Lamp and one word sums up the show. AMAZING! This was what they had to say about the show.

Our journey this year takes us from the streets of Old Peking, to Palaces, Dungeons and Tombs.  From dry arid deserts to noisy, colourful busy streets. Come along and join in the booing and hissing at the nasty Abanazer as he tries to trick our wonderful pantomime hero Aladdin into stealing an amazing magic lantern containing a Genie who will grant his every wish. Enjoy the fun and frolics of Dame Widow Twankey, her hapless right hand man Wishee Washee and his lovable pet Pandas Kung & Foo. Find out if the famous Chinese detective Charlie Chan, and his Number One Son Chin-Chin Chan ever catch the evasive Aladdin who is determined to sneak a peek at the beautiful Princess Jasmine. It’s a fun filled, hilarious adventure that will have you hissing, booing, cheering and laughing all the way to the inevitable happy ending.

Our Verdict

The girls enjoyed joining in with the booing, hissing, shouting, cheering and all the other joys that you find at a pantomime. They loved the dragon’s and the magic and mystery as people seemed to appear from nowhere on stage. One of my favourite comments was from a little girl from Brownies. They had a TARDIS from Doctor Who which came down from the ceiling and all the main cast came out one-by-one. Amazed, this little girl turned to me and asked “How did they all fit in there” I couldn’t resist and answered, “Because it’s bigger on the inside!” Sadly she didn’t get the joke, obviously, she’s not a Doctor Who fan like my son and nephew.

Another scene even had Superman which made my girls gasp and wish their younger sister was with us as she’s Superman Obsessed

Aberdyfi Panto 2018 genie and children on stage
Excuse the quality its a screenshot from a video

Towards the end of the show, two of the cast called some children onto the stage. This meant that half the of the Brownies, Rainbows and Guides that were with us ran up. Even Becky went and helped looked after the younger Rainbows and Brownies, feeling important in her role as a Guide. They all joined in laughing and singing and enjoyed themselves. Another highlight of the afternoon for a different Brownie, it was my great-niece’s 8th birthday in a few days and she was invited up to have Happy Birthday sang to her. Rhian was sad that we hadn’t gone earlier in the year so she could’ve had them sing to her.

Would We Go Again?

If you get the chance to go next year, then I definitely recommend it. I know we will all be going again!

At the end of the show, we had to dash off to catch the train home. Sadly, this meant we couldn’t get a picture with some of the cast. So here’s one from last year’s Snow White performance of the girls with the fabulous Evil Queen.

Aberdyfi Panto 2017 Snow White's Evil Stepmother Queen
Snow White’s Evil Queen

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