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Ravensburger 3D Union Jack Sneaker Puzzle Review

We were sent the Ravensburger 3D Union Jack Sneaker puzzle for free to review and write down our thoughts on the product. The fact that we received the product for free, does not affect our opinion of the product. We will always be honest in all our reviews. For more information, check out our Disclosure Policy.

Ravensburger 3D Union Jack Sneaker Puzzle

box of the ravensburger 3D union jak sneaker puzzle

Now I must admit that I have never done a 3D puzzle before and I was slightly apprehensive about giving one a go. I don’t really have much patience with jigsaws, especially large ones.

box containing all the pieces to build the ravensburger 3D union jack sneaker puzzle
Ready to start

So when I learnt I was being sent one to review to celebrate the royal wedding I decided this was the perfect opportunity to give one a go. I’ve seen them in the past and they do look amazing. But I was concerned about how complicated they were and whether I would have the patience to do one.


This puzzle has 108 pieces and is advertised as from ages 8+ and I was tempted to give it to my daughter to see if she could build it. But then I took a good hard look at myself and told myself to stop being a baby and to give it a go!

all the pieces that are inside the ravensburger 3D union jack sneaker puzzle. The jigsaw pieces and the plastic bits to hold the shape and create the sole of the sneaker
What’s in the box?

I sat down and opened the box. There were some large pieces which slotted together to make the sole and two bags of pieces. They had split the pieces into the left side of the shoe and the right side. Personally, I think splitting them up into numbers, say the first 54 in one bag and the next 54 in the other, would have been more helpful.

the built sole of the ravensburger 3d union jack sneaker puzzle
The completed sole. Ready to start adding the pieces

I opened the bags and spread the pieces out and much to my surprise and joy I saw that they were numbered. It completely took all the guesswork and hassle out of trying to find the next piece which not only matched the picture but also matched the shape!

a selection of the jigsaw pieces showing either their design or their number ready to build the ravensburger 3d union jack sneaker puzzle
Thankfully all the pieces are numbered

Having the pieces numbered with arrows telling you in which direction the next piece went made it so much easier. Right there and then I knew I could build it and so could my daughters aged 11 and 13. I wasn’t sure if my 8yr old would have the patience or the dexterity, but that depends on the individual child.

the completed ravensburger 3d union jack sneaker puzzle
The completed puzzle! It looks quite cool

The girls enjoyed watching me and helping me find the next piece. The shoe slowly took shape and it reminded me of the shoes that the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who wore and how a theme celebrating David Tennant as the Doctor would work well with this shape.

the completed ravensburger 3d union jack sneaker puzzle being used as a desk tidy with pens where the foot goes
Taking pride of place on my daughter’s desk which is sadly covered in slime

It didn’t take me very long to build. About half an hour with the girls helping me find the pieces. Once I’d finished I put in on my teenagers’ desk in her bedroom where it worked well as a cool looking desk tidy.


Surprisingly, I really enjoyed building this 3D puzzle, which is available in other designs as well as the Union Jack. Now I’m not so scared about doing a 3D jigsaw and I’m toying with buying another. Although I think I’ll practice on some smaller ones before I give in and buy the Knight Bus or Hogwarts from Harry Potter! I also liked how it doubled as something useful once built and I can see myself buying some for my daughters’ friends for their birthdays!


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