Why does my child keep soiling themselves? Faecal Impaction

My 4-year-old has been off school for a few days. She suffers from Faecal Impaction, like her older sister before her. Thankfully, because Rhian also suffered from Faecal Impaction, I recognised the signs in Reese and I knew that it wasn’t her being lazy and refusing to go the toilet when she kept pooping in […]

How Breathing Space debt help doesn’t help those in hospital

Mental health issues are on the rise, as is debt problems. In fact, debt can often be the tipping point, bringing people who are already suffering from anxiety and depression to the tipping point and leave them considering suicide as the only way out. I’ve been there. I remember being in that bleak black hole […]

Ravensburger 3D Union Jack Sneaker Puzzle Review

Disclaimer We were sent the Ravensburger 3D Union Jack Sneaker puzzle for free to review and write down our thoughts on the product. The fact that we received the product for free, does not affect our opinion of the product. We will always be honest in all our reviews. For more information, check out our […]