About Us

So here we are, my crazy brood in all our glory! We’re a very busy family of seven and we live in Wales in the UK.

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I’m Rachel, generally known as mum and the one who keeps the family ticking over whilst trying to keep myself sane and deal with five kids, one husband, one dog and 2 guinea pigs. I also have to deal with being a type 2 diabetic and suffering from anxiety and depression.

Hubby is also known as Bob. He comes from a large family himself with 4 brothers and 4 sisters and he would quite happily have more if I’d let him. Of course, he gets to escape off to work most days!

Ryan is our only son and the eldest, he was born in 2003. Becky is our eldest daughter, she was born in 2005. Ruby is our middle child, she was born in 2006. Rhian is our second youngest, she was born in 2010. Reese is our baby, she was born in 2013.

We also have a dog, Gwen, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Barry and Ozzy, our two male guinea pigs.