Monday, 15 August 2016

Escaping the Decorating

Today I was supposed to be painting the girls bedroom. Their new bunk beds are arriving on Wednesday, their new wardrobes are already in their boxes waiting to be assembled, all waiting for the painting to be finished.

I went in, put headphones on so I could blast my music. Betty was downstairs watching Emma (was was engrossed in Paw Patrol) and I put paint on the roller ready to start when my phone rang!

I had completely forgotten that Robbie was supposed to be somewhere today! Because of issues at school and his anxiety, he is under CAMHS (Child and Adult Mental Health Services) and the Trac 11-24 Project at school, which supports young children aged 11-24 who are struggling in school to try and encourage them and to get them interested in learning again. Trac 11-24 had arranged several activities at Glan Llyn and today was his first day and I had forgotten all about it!

After a mad rush I managed to get Robbie organised and three of the girls in the car along with Robbie and Sox, Betty decided she would go to "work" with Nanny at the shop instead. I even managed to remember to change out of my painting clothes and into something more appropriate!

Paddling in Bala Lake
Paddling at Bala aka Bale

After dropping Robbie off at Glan Llyn,  we decided to have an ice cream by the lake but sadly the ice cream van wasn't there today so the girls had to settle for paddling instead! After about half an hour we headed home to collect Betty and as we left Gina shouted, "Look mum it's still Bale instead of Bala!" (Bala changed its name to Bale to celebrate the success of the Welsh football team during Euro 2016.

The new sign at Bala showing the change of name to Bale
The new sign at Bala showing the change of name to Bale

Finally, we arrived home and I managed to get one coat of paint on the walls, but the big question is, can I get more done tomorrow?

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