Sunday, 14 August 2016

Barmouth Lifeboat Open Day - Helping the #RNLI keep #SavingLivesAtSea

This week has been a difficult week for our nearest beach and lifeboat station and it has had a huge impact on the community of Barmouth.

RNLI Barmouth ALB Lifeboat Moira Barrie on the beach
RNLI Barmouth ALB Lifeboat Moira Barrie on the beach

Last weekend two teenagers from Birmingham, 14-year-old Yahye Omar Mohamed and 15-year-old Waseem Muflahi were tragically pulled out to sea and despite a frantic search involving both Barmouth lifeboats, the ALB Moira Barrie and the ILB Rotarian Clive Tanner, the Aberdyfi ILB, SARS rescue helicopter, Wales Air Ambulance, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Mid and North Wales Coastguard, North Wales Police, Welsh Ambulance service and Barmouth Beach Wardens which lasted for two days, the boys were lost. A 3rd victim was pulled from the sea by the very brave actions of the Barmouth Beach Wardens.

This tragedy has had a huge impact on the town, and the whole community pulled together to support the rescue services and also the family of the two boys.

The members of the RNLI are heroes, each and every one of them, from the shoreline crew who work tirelessly behind the scenes to those who put their lives on the line to go out to sea regardless of the weather. Volunteers each and every one of them, they will get up and spend hours on the water, until the early hours and then get up in the morning to go to work! I sometimes see them going out or coming in late at night when I'm warm and snug in my bed listening to the wind and rain.

RNLI Barmouth Lifeboat Station Fun Day

This afternoon Barmouth lifeboat held an open day to raise money (they managed to raise an impressive £3, 000) and I wandered over with Betty, Clare and Emma. Emma, in particular, loves watching the lifeboat from our living room window! The girls all enjoyed having a go on some games, eating some cakes, throwing a sponge at the coxwain and seeing the Moira Barrie, The only part they didn't enjoy was meeting Stormy Stan, but he reassured me he was used to that reaction even though it made him sad as he loves meeting everyone.

So next time you see a bucket or charity box for the RNLI, pop your change in and help the RNLI keep going to help those in peril on the sea.

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