Friday, 19 August 2016

Girls Can Like Superman too

Whilst most girls are into princesses, Emma is a little different. Emma LOVES Superman, not just any Superman though, it has to be Dean Cain from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Her favourite outfits are her Supergirl costume, and she was heartbroken when daddy washed it and ruined the shield emblem. When he came home from work she kept telling him "You boke my duperman!" and wouldn't say anything else to him, she really made him feel bad, so bad that he immediately went on eBay and bought her another one!

She'll sit for hours watching Lois and Clark on my tablet and you'll sometimes hear "Poor duperman!" (usually when he's being attacked by Kryptonite).

The sad thing is, there aren't many toys of Superman. Even with the release of the Batman Vs Superman movie or the Supergirl TV show. Everything seems to be Batman! Even the Batman Vs Superman movie seemed to be more about Batman than Superman, with the latter just seeming to mope around on screen. In fact, I describe the movie as Batman, featuring Wonder Woman with special guest star Superman. Me personally, I  would have rather seen more of Superman than Batman! I just hope League of Justice is better. Robbie's favourite TV show is The Flash starring Grant Gustin as The Flash but, in the movies, The Flash is played by Ezra Miller and Robbie is undecided at the moment whether he wants to watch it.

Last week it was Emma's 3rd birthday and thanks to an online friend from America I found a beautiful Supergirl swimming costume that I knew Emma would love, but sadly they wanted £30 to send a £7 swimsuit from America to the UK. I even asked my friend to send me one if she found one, but sadly she couldn't find one, even though she would have gladly sent one if she had found one.

If we lived in America there would be more Superman/Supergirl items, but sadly they're harder to find in the UK. I did manage to buy her a Supergirl Barbie doll, but even that was expensive at £19.99

Her other present was a Superman teddy from Build-a-Bear with a supergirl costume from Betty, as well as a Sky teddy (from Paw Patrol) with an outfit (also from Build-A-Bear) Nanny and granddad got her a Paw Patrol bedding as we couldn't find any Superman.

She even had a birthday tweet from Dean Cain himself! (@really_rach was my old twitter name)

This was her birthday card from us from Moonpig

So, child toy developers, please remember that girls can like Superman as well and they would rather the Superman colours than pink!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Escaping the Decorating

Today I was supposed to be painting the girls bedroom. Their new bunk beds are arriving on Wednesday, their new wardrobes are already in their boxes waiting to be assembled, all waiting for the painting to be finished.

I went in, put headphones on so I could blast my music. Betty was downstairs watching Emma (was was engrossed in Paw Patrol) and I put paint on the roller ready to start when my phone rang!

I had completely forgotten that Robbie was supposed to be somewhere today! Because of issues at school and his anxiety, he is under CAMHS (Child and Adult Mental Health Services) and the Trac 11-24 Project at school, which supports young children aged 11-24 who are struggling in school to try and encourage them and to get them interested in learning again. Trac 11-24 had arranged several activities at Glan Llyn and today was his first day and I had forgotten all about it!

After a mad rush I managed to get Robbie organised and three of the girls in the car along with Robbie and Sox, Betty decided she would go to "work" with Nanny at the shop instead. I even managed to remember to change out of my painting clothes and into something more appropriate!

Paddling in Bala Lake
Paddling at Bala aka Bale

After dropping Robbie off at Glan Llyn,  we decided to have an ice cream by the lake but sadly the ice cream van wasn't there today so the girls had to settle for paddling instead! After about half an hour we headed home to collect Betty and as we left Gina shouted, "Look mum it's still Bale instead of Bala!" (Bala changed its name to Bale to celebrate the success of the Welsh football team during Euro 2016.

The new sign at Bala showing the change of name to Bale
The new sign at Bala showing the change of name to Bale

Finally, we arrived home and I managed to get one coat of paint on the walls, but the big question is, can I get more done tomorrow?

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Barmouth Lifeboat Open Day - Helping the #RNLI keep #SavingLivesAtSea

This week has been a difficult week for our nearest beach and lifeboat station and it has had a huge impact on the community of Barmouth.

RNLI Barmouth ALB Lifeboat Moira Barrie on the beach
RNLI Barmouth ALB Lifeboat Moira Barrie on the beach

Last weekend two teenagers from Birmingham, 14-year-old Yahye Omar Mohamed and 15-year-old Waseem Muflahi were tragically pulled out to sea and despite a frantic search involving both Barmouth lifeboats, the ALB Moira Barrie and the ILB Rotarian Clive Tanner, the Aberdyfi ILB, SARS rescue helicopter, Wales Air Ambulance, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Mid and North Wales Coastguard, North Wales Police, Welsh Ambulance service and Barmouth Beach Wardens which lasted for two days, the boys were lost. A 3rd victim was pulled from the sea by the very brave actions of the Barmouth Beach Wardens.

This tragedy has had a huge impact on the town, and the whole community pulled together to support the rescue services and also the family of the two boys.

The members of the RNLI are heroes, each and every one of them, from the shoreline crew who work tirelessly behind the scenes to those who put their lives on the line to go out to sea regardless of the weather. Volunteers each and every one of them, they will get up and spend hours on the water, until the early hours and then get up in the morning to go to work! I sometimes see them going out or coming in late at night when I'm warm and snug in my bed listening to the wind and rain.

RNLI Barmouth Lifeboat Station Fun Day

This afternoon Barmouth lifeboat held an open day to raise money (they managed to raise an impressive £3, 000) and I wandered over with Betty, Clare and Emma. Emma, in particular, loves watching the lifeboat from our living room window! The girls all enjoyed having a go on some games, eating some cakes, throwing a sponge at the coxwain and seeing the Moira Barrie, The only part they didn't enjoy was meeting Stormy Stan, but he reassured me he was used to that reaction even though it made him sad as he loves meeting everyone.

So next time you see a bucket or charity box for the RNLI, pop your change in and help the RNLI keep going to help those in peril on the sea.

Is that Mummy's Friend?

Last weekend we went to a local fun day and they had an entertainer to entertain the children. Betty was thrilled to be called up to take part in a game (spoiler alert - she won!) and whilst "meeting the contestants" the entertainer made comments about the size of our family, even going as far to ask if daddy was "mummy's friend". 

The conversation went like this;
Entertainer: Lets see who we've got on this side over here. Someone who's looking very flowery. Hello
Betty: My name's Betty
E: Hello Betty and how old is Betty?
B: Eleven
E: Eleven oh you're at that age where you really don't want to be here but your mum says you're not to be home on your own (Betty nods) Ok you're eleven years old and who are you here with today?
B: Urm that crazy family over there
E: That crazy family over there. Is that mum filming you over there, there's mum and is that your dad in the Man Utd top there or is that mummy's friend? Cos you get a lot of mummy's friends around here. All right so that's good and then are they all your brothers and sisters then are they? 
B: Urm the one with the pink dress
E: So that's your sister yeah and the other two are your friends?
B: The grey dress and the baby
E: So they're all your brothers and sisters?
B: No just my sisters duh!
E: Oh sorry, they're all your sisters?
B:  Yes
E: All them are your sisters?
B: Yeah
E: You've not got a telly in your house

Having a large family means you sometimes get looked down on. People assume you're on benefits and keep popping them out to get you more money (we don't, hubby works hard to provide for us), or that you don't have any other form of entertainment or know how to use contraception. People even assume that they don't all have the same parents. Some of the things I have heard have been downright rude!

 Things I have heard;
  • You sure have your hands full 
  • Rather you than me 
  • I don't know how you do it 
  • Have you found out what causes it yet? 
  • When are you having another one? 
  • Are you done yet? 
  •  Bout time you got your TV fixed 
  • Are they all yours? 
  • Do they all have the same mum/dad?
  • Why don't you try getting a job?
 Most days they don't bother me, I laugh along and say I've found out what causes it now or that I've gotten the TV fixed.

I've even had comments about having four girls, especially if my son isn't with us, something along the lines of "Have you given up trying for a boy yet?" or after finding out I do actually have a son"Oh you finally got your boy then?" ("No, he came first!")

I'll admit some days I regret having so many and I feel more like a bouncer than a mum, but these thoughts are short-lived. As soon as I try to imagine being without any of them I realise I couldn't! I love all my children and wouldn't be without a single one, even with all the chaos and mayhem they cause.  My heart and my arms are certainly overflowing!

Children are a gift from God and I treasure all my children, of course that doesn't mean I don't have bad days when I want to hide away from them, especially when they're fighting over who gets to sit by me and shouts of "She's my mummy too!" On those days I am so tempted to do what it says on the Aspirin box and "Take 2 and keep away from children"

 I always wanted a large family and I'm thrilled to have five healthy, beautiful children and whilst most days the comments don't bother me, it would make me so much happier to have positive comments instead.